Date: 26th February 2019 at 4:15pm
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It’s not been a good Tuesday at all for our club and it seems as though it’s going to be one that provides plenty of worrying stories.

Brendan Rodgers and all that has gone on has been well covered now, but it looks as though another key exit could be possible – later on in the summer.

Indeed, in a worrying story from the Scottish Sun, Arsenal are apparently planning a £25m raid on the Bhoys for Kieran Tierney.

The young left-back has only just come back into the side after a long injury but his quality is undeniable and it certainly seems as though he is going to attract interest in the future.

Perhaps, though, now is not the best time to be getting this story as it would be far worse losing him rather than Rodgers.

Managers come and go, players of Tierney’s ilk do not and to have this story now is certainly far from ideal timing.


9 Replies to “A worrying Celtic story that might make Rodgers debacle pale into insignificance”

    • No not really, it’s down to how much the Celtic board would accept, then it’s down to KT himself, here’s the scenario for Celtic in the summer players out – Benkovic, Boyata, Lustig, Toljan, Burke, Weah, possible offer for players – KT, Forrest and McGregor who I believe Rodgers will target, we already know how much Rodgers rates McGregor so that will be the guts of our team destroyed, whoever the manager is will have a very difficult job rebuilding a team, but we can thank our board and Lawwell for this, they chose to mess Rodgers about by not getting McGinn right away, undermining him by making signings that Rodgers never knew about ( Maryan Shved) and they knew Rodgers was also becoming bigger than any of them with how he was idolised by the Celtic support and it worried them, they want to control the power not have a manager undermining them.

  • Think we will be getting a lot of this scaremongering during summer as for in Brendan we cannot trust what he has done is up there with one Maurice Johnston and Judas Iscariot really cant wish him well in the slightest hes gone water under the bridge so lets get on and do what we are best at winning championships and treble trebles.

  • Simply yet another establishment attack brought on by the terror and fear generated by thoughts of ten in a row. Whether it comes to pass or not, Celtic will march on, leaving their envious foes in our wake.

  • KieranTeirney has more integrity in his wee finger that that treacherous bastard Rodgers has in his entire body. A viper that the vipers would abomiate!

  • After losing to Valencia the writing was on the wall. It’s clear Brendan Rodgers was not going to get the backing of the Club to be successful in Europe. I do think things had turned sour with the board because if your ambitious and want success you are not going to go Leicester City are you.

  • Has he agreed to join Leicester? Or is he still talking to them? It is a strange choice. But he probably has no other offers and doesn’t think he will get any. His stock is not that high down south. I cannot really wish him well as it is an act of disloyalty but i never believed he was a fan in the first place. Rodgers has always been out for himself. He will be out of a job within a year. He will then bleat for the next 10 that he left Celtic too early. Never more has the club needed Scott Brown to step up. He is crucial in keeping it together in the next couple of weeks. Tynecastle is a must win, a wobble could lead to a collapse and our opponents know that. Brown should be picking the team along with Kennedy and needs to steady the ship over the next few games. Hibs in the cup is now huge. Lennon should be nowhere near the place.

  • The fact that Rodgers jumped ship at the first time of offering has no bearing whatsoever on Tierney being a target for other clubs. Rodgers was clearly full of empty passion and his departure for a man who really will bleed green isn’t a bad thing.
    But watch the sfa rally round now and target Neil Lennon once again.
    They have been guilty of personal vendettas against Neil since the day he signed for the most successful club ever to play in Scotland’s SPL back ion the days of Martin O’Neil.

  • Neil Lennon is not the man for the job.
    I hate to say this, but we need someone who can give 100% every day.
    Lennon has admitted to having his own ” Personal issues”
    Stevie Clark for me…….

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