Date: 3rd May 2021 at 1:23pm
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The fallout of the Glasgow Derby has been nothing but apathetic amongst the Celtic fans.  As they wait with baited breath for an announcement on the new manager, all talk on yesterday’s BBC Sportsound podcast was around the boardroom and who is making the decisions at Celtic Park.

Pat Bonner and Tom English were involved in a conversation regarding the decision making process at Paradise at this current time, and Bonner was clearly outraged at Tom English’s opinion that outgoing CEO, Peter Lawwell will still be hanging around Celtic Park after his retirement.

When Bonner asked who exactly was making the calls he wasn’t happy with English’s reply, “I think Peter Lawwell, Dominic McKay and Dermot Desmond will.”

Bonner was audibly outraged at that reply and he replied, “Are you serious? Are you serious to say that Peter Lawwell who is resigning from his position as CEO is going to be still around Celtic Football Club? Sorry I can’t understand that.”

English went on to back up his claim, “I think it’s going to be around in the capacity as a consultant, I don’t know this, but I think he will be there as a sounding board.  I mean this guy has got 20 years of experience at this level, the new CEO needs help.

Should Celtic keep Peter Lawwell on as a consultant?





“The new CEO is a very very good operator, but in certain areas. Corporate side of it, finance side of it.  He’s not an expert in the nitty gritty of transfers, and the dirty business of football.

“He needs help on that so why wouldn’t you keep keep Peter Lawwell in there to some capacity.  I think Celtic would be mad not to have him at the end of the phone just to give advice here and there.”

I think many Celtic fans would be alarmed if this was the case as the majority of the supporters want a clean break from the old regime which oversaw this unmitigated disaster of a season plus would Dom McKay accept this as part of the deal? I would hope not as this would, for me, convey weakness at the very start of his tenure which does not bode well considering the job required to take the club forward.

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