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Listen to Daily Record journalist’s stunning criticism of David Turnbull tackle

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The David Turnbull tackle, or Callum Butcher tackle, is one that has been grabbing the headlines this week as the furore over the shocking nature of the challenge continues.

Pundits, Celtic bloggers and radio talk shows have all had their say on this but I have yet to hear the kind of criticism the tackle has had levied at it than I did here.

Speaking on The Record Celtic podcast, journalist and ex professional football player Gordon Parks, was not holding back in his stinging criticism of the challenge as he described it as a “crime” and he also accused Butcher of ‘behaving like a thug’.

A truly incredible rant as Parks said, “The problem I’ve got with the tackle is not the fact that he didn’t get a red card, okay, the referee, Celtic fans will say it should have been a straight red, of course it should be.

“This is a player that commits that kind of crime frequently.

“I’ve seen him do it before. There’s a reckless disregard for player safety.  David Turnbull has been out the game for a long time. He’s missed a year and a half, at least, of his career.

“It threatened to derail his career entirely. There was scant disregard for his safety. It was one of those challenges that you go in to cause damage, and I think  a retrospective look at is required.

“Because you’re talking about a player who is behaving like a thug. That was a shocker. I don’t like him as a footballer.

“I don’t think he brings much to the party.

“I think he’s in the team for one specific role and he’s crossed the line.

“I’d like to see him hammered for that because he’s just came back from a red card. It does something else. So this is really a statement to the kind of man that he is.

“I won’t go into details, but you know, I’m talking about.

“I just don’t think there’s a place for that, kind of, scant disregard. There’s a respect the players should have for each other and he doesn’t appear to have that.”

I’ve never heard such strong words used against a player in the game by a journalist.

It seems that Butcher will be retrospectively punished by the SFA for the challenge so we will await the outcome of the SFA investigation.

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  • David Newton says:

    I think big Eogic should be reported for the murder of 5 Dundee United players and the goalkeeper!
    Unbelievable big dancing Tam

    And Butcher by name Butcher by nature.
    He’s been red carded recently yet felt he’d get away with this against us and he was right ✅
    Of he’d any qualms about getting red carded he’d not have done it.
    That foot just below the knee and above the shin pad is aimed and destructive by intent.
    A disgrace to Scottish football

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