Date: 3rd February 2021 at 8:28pm
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Ex Celtic defender, Alan Stubbs, has given his point of view on new signing Jonjoe Kenny, and says the Hoops new on loan right back is just what Celtic need at the moment.

Stubbs was lavish in his praise and is clearly fond of the Evertonian full back as he recounts past experiences of coaching him during his time at the Toffee’s.

Looking at his debut last night, Kenny certainly looks an accomplished and calm defender and clearly has the potential to go far in the game, but Stubbs says the Hoops have unearthed a real “diamond” and that he is “better than Frimpong”.

Stubbs was speaking to The Scotsman when he said,  “He is a brilliant lad, an absolute diamond.  I just can’t speak highly enough of him as a person. He is so enthusiastic, so infectious. I loved coaching him, and would go as far as to say he is probably the player that gave me greater enjoyment than any other in my time at Everton.

“He brought it all, every day. He had such a zeal for playing and training. If a session was going off track, he would be the one who would say ‘come on, we need to switch on here’ and bring people on-side with a winning smile and just a great way about him.

“He wouldn’t allow others to feel sorry for themselves, but at the same time would be the first to put his arm round the shoulder of a team-mate if they’d had a bad session.

“He lifts people and that could be good for Celtic right now. He is a big game performer. He may be coming in at a difficult time, but he will relish the opportunity to play for such a massive club.

“I think it is a real coup for Celtic, frankly. I could tell you what he can’t do … but that wouldn’t take long. He isn’t as quick as Frimpong, but he is a better player. He is a better crosser and has a great appreciation of how the game is played. He has that special football intelligence.

“So while he might not have tremendous pace, he makes up for that with his game sense. As the saying goes, the first five yards are played in the head.”

A glowing recommendation from Stubbs and it looks like, if Stubbs is correct, Celtic fans could be in for a treat having the young Irishman at Paradise.