Date: 25th August 2021 at 7:50pm
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Sacha Boey was once lauded as a target for Celtic this transfer window. The French right back was a long term link for (not even sure he was a target to be honest) the Hoops but it seems that the right back has opted to ply his trade in Turkey.

Boey has signed for Galatasaray in a £2.25m deal and what was the first thing he wanted to talk about? That’s right. Celtic.

According to Turkish media outlet Nexus Sport, Boey confirmed the reason he signed for the Hoops and it was one not even those in the country believe, “Sacha Boey: “Celtic wanted to sign me but Galatasaray is a bigger team. That’s why I chose Galatasaray.”

Something tells me there is more to why he chose Galatasaray other than the fact he believes they are a bigger team but the replies to Nexus Sport’s tweet tells you all you need to know.

One poster believes that Boey chose the Turks for this reason:

Translated as,“Boey: I have celtic cl they won’t play me there.” which the poster believes Celtic were not interested at all.

One Celtic fan rather cheekily replied:

“I’m a Celtic fan, it’s the first time I’ve heard of Galatasaray.”

This reply is perfect:

Translation: “He made the mistake of his life.”

But I will leave the last word with this tweeter that sums up Boey’s statement and the headline of the article with a very simple phrase:

And this translated simply as: “good gunner is open to improvement but he’s trashing himself with this football intelligence.”

Spot on.