Date: 6th August 2019 at 12:29pm
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According to the Sun, Celtic are looking at a potential deal to see Rico Henry join the club from Brentford as a replacement for Kieran Tierney.

Tierney’s future doesn’t look particularly certain at the moment and a move to Arsenal seems to be well touted right now.

We’ll have to find a replacement, then, but who that is exactly going to be remains to be seen.

Without doubt, though, Henry could potentially be the one we’re looking at with him enjoying a decent spell at Brentford.

He might not be as good as KT but he’s certainly got quality and crucially he is in the same age bracket as our Scottish international.

That means he’s got plenty of room to grow and improve in the coming years and hopefully we’d see similar progression levels to what we’d expect from Tierney if he stayed at the club.

We’ll soon see how it all plays out.


6 Replies to “Celtic eye up move for 22-year-old ace”

  • Why would Rico Henry go to Celtic with the Scottish Standard of Football at English Championship at best?
    For the money, maybe, but Brentford are offering a lot more in Salary these days and also offer a pathway to the Premier league with its selling policy if the player is good enough to move up.

    • Edward, have you ever been to Celtic Park, if you had been you would be stunned at the shear size of Celtic who would easily walk into and compete in your premiership. Celtic have 55,000 season ticket holders, name any club in England who have the same amount of season ticket holders ?

      For you information, Celtic have beaten English teams far more often in competitions than English teams have beaten Celtic so you can’t even compare Celtic as English Championship size.

      Last but not least, have you not heard of these Celtic players who took the EPL by storm, Larrson, Van Dyke, Wanyama to name a few.

  • You don’t watch much football Edward? Have you seen the quality of the bottom dozen teams in ther EPl. I would expect Celtic to beat any of them with 100 million less spending money. So many terrible pointless games in the so called best league in the world (Ha!) between no mark clubs hanging on to their place for grim death. The aim is to go for a draw every week. All in financial trouble or owned by corrupt foreign money launderers. As for Brentford they will go down twice before they make the EPL. Betetr chance of League two than going up. Celtic are not interested in this guy he has played less than 10 games a season over the past 4 seasons. Too injury prone.

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