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Celtic fans brilliant answer to Chris Sutton’s VAR tweet

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The long used excuse of VAR being far too expensive a cost to Scottish football is now on the back burner as it looks like the introduction to the new(ish) refereeing system will be making a welcome entry to domestic football.

For too long the Scottish footballing public have had to put up with poor refereeing standards that have cost their teams points/trophies.

But as we all know, every teams fans believe the referee’s are biased to their opponents but there does seem to be a certain club that has gained a serious advantage from our officials ‘honest mistakes’.

We all know who it is and Chris Sutton alluded to it when he tweeted about VAR’s introduction, “If used properly it may spell trouble for some…big if…”

Clearly Sutton believes the Scottish officials will still have the inability to correct these ‘honest mistakes’ when given another bite of the cherry and that is when a Celtic fan came up with a brilliant suggestion that would eradicate any accusations of referee’s being biased at least.

But here is the crux of this argument.

As we have all seen, even the officials in the mega money English Premier League who, by the way, employ their referee’s on a full time basis, are still not getting the decisions correct.

But at least if it were those guys that were making those same decisions, then the allegations of biased refereeing favouriting one club would no longer hold water. Right?

However it is handled. VAR will help, and Sutton is correct.

Only if it used correctly.

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