Date: 12th August 2018 at 4:15pm
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Dedryck Boyata’s future at Celtic looks to be over and the club must take decisive action and get rid of him as soon as possible.

The latest comments from his agent Jacques Liechtenstein have turned what was a fairly standard situation for a player with less than a year on his contract into one that requires the club to actively force the defender out of the club.

Liechtenstein has implied that Boyata will not play for Celtic again, claiming he has a injury.

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, the agent said:

What state of mind is Dedryck in? It’s difficult, it’s impossible for this kind of pain to go away in less than a month.

Entering the last ten months of his contract, everyone understands that he cannot put his career at risk by playing even slightly injured or at 95 per cent what a footballer sometimes does when it is covered by two or three years of contract.

Despite Dedryck’s love for Celtic fans, he cannot put his future and his family’s future in danger by playing without being 100 per cent.

On January 1 he will sign elsewhere by being free without reporting anything to Celtic.

Whether all this controversy is being driven by the agent, or the player himself, doesn’t really matter.

Boyata has completely annihilated any goodwill supporters had for him and the lack of professionalism on show here is absolutely pathetic.

After years of big mistakes at home and abroad, inconsistent form, injuries and all the rest, he has downed tools to force a move elsewhere after the Hoops decided to reject any bids for him last week.

Hopefully the first order of business by club officials tomorrow morning will be biting at any interest in the player. If he isn’t willing to play for Celtic, he should be punted as quickly as possible.

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14 Replies to “Celtic must take decisive action to put a stop to pathetic new development”

  • To think we as a club have supported boyata when hes cost us in league and in Europe he has been given chance after chance by a top manager who has took a very average player to a reasonable player He repays people like me a Celtic fan who have watched his mistakes he shrugs his shoulders puts his hands in his face they’ll forgive me.Now he thinks he’s world class and doesn’t think about anyone but himself he wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for the manager and Celtic support people who’ve stood by him were your loyalty Mr boyata

    • If it wasn’t for brendan he’d probally be back in Belgium playing for a second rate team and would never appeared at world cup or CL.

  • Unless we can get a replacement in before the window closes, then I’d make him train on his own for the remainder of his contract and let’s see how many big clubs are willing to sign him then

  • Boyata thinks he’s the bees knees as a defender. Delusional. He was third choice with the Belgian squad & as soon as the injuries subsided, he was shelved straight away. He was always a bomb scare waiting to happen with us so get rid of him ASAP. Plenty will happily drive him to the airport!!!

  • It comes as a disappointment because there were clear signs of improvement and I thought that maybe Boyata would have a future at Celtic after all. if this is all true about his attitude towards Celtic, a club that has looked after him so well, then he’ll obviously have to go. If Sevilla are offering 10 million for him we should bite their hand off.

  • Dedryck Boyata is no more than a decent centre back! Yes he played reasonably well as understudy to Vincent Kompany during the World Cup in Russia but that doesn’t make him a world class player! He seems to forget he was going nowhere until Celtic took a gamble on him, and it still is a gamble, and it’s because of that he has managed to squeeze is way into the Belgian side. Show a little respect and loyalty Dedryck before your name is tarnished and you find yourself back in the wilderness! Hail Hail

    • I agree, he is little more than a decent player, remember this though, he played in three world cup group games, Tunisia, Panama and a meaningless game against England. Hardly the resume to send ones pulse racing, I would rather have 10 million in the bank than this ungrateful wretch soil a Celtic shirt on the field of play.

  • Take whatever Seville offer, it’ll be more than he’s worth.
    He’s an average player who was lucky,that injuries allowed him a few world cup games and upped his value.
    Take the money and run for the hills with it .


  • I don’t understand why we didn’t punt him when the first £10 million offer came in. It might be seen as Brendan Rodgers putting it up to the Board in the aftermath of the McGinn debacle. This has been a truly horrendous week for our club and the behind the scenes shenanigans has had a very obvious negative impact on the players. This stuff needs nipping in the bud and the first part of that is getting the odious and grossley over-rated Boyata out the door to the highest bidder as soon as possible.

  • He would most definitely be nothing if it wasn’t for the Celtic manager and supporters, most certainly wouldn’t want him in the trenches with me as wee Gordon would say. why did all our brave young men give up their lives so they could raise back-stabbers like this. No matter who he goes on to play for I will wish them the worse, He looks ideal for sevco.

  • Who cares. He was never good enough as a player and by his recent actions, is certainly not good enough as a human being to be associated with this club. Let him chase the money and live to regret it like the rest of mercenary self entitled careerist who excuse their selfish behaviour on the basis of a “short career”. While half the world starves, these selfish brats just cant get enough money. With the odd exception, most of these halfwits end up disappearing into obscurity. Get him tae f**k. If it weren’t for the fact we are short of defenders, nobody would care if he left. He was always nothing more than an upgraded Ambrose but that is probably an insult to Efe as he at least always conducted himself with class and humility.

  • I would gladly take the 10 million ( 10 times what he is worth ), the Celtic shirt would find it impossible to shrink to fit this ungrateful wretch.

  • He can’t even kick a rebound ball into the net without it bouncing back in his face, I’ve been saying it for years get shot of him!!!

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