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Tony Hamilton, a fine Celtic man, famously coined the term; ‘The Laptop Loyal’ to describe the rangers cheerleading and marching band – which covers all areas of the Scottish media.

Tony Hamilton, a fine Celtic man, famously coined the term; ‘The Laptop Loyal’ to describe the rangers cheerleading and marching band – which covers all areas of the Scottish media. I’ve come up with ‘Gernalism’ to pin the tail on the donkey of these cowardly Gernalists!

The real crime is that some still refer to these ‘people’ as journalists (usually themselves) which is akin to saying the wee guy who walks into the pub and announces that ‘it’s just started raining out there’ is a weatherman. Although at least that wee guy would be reporting the truth. A Gernalist would either put a pro-rangers or anti-Celtic slant on the rain: ‘It’s raining gold moonbeams at ibrox’ – ‘Celtic to blame for bad weather!’

‘Seek not the favour of the multitude… But seek the testimony of the few; and number not the voices, but weigh them.’ ~ Immanuel Kant (more from him later)

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is a name that brings a warm smile to the face of every Celtic supporter. Conversely, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is a name that brings a perma-raging scowl to the faces of gers and gernalists alike. The reason that Phil causes such conflicting emotions is that he’s an investigative journalist who only deals in pesky details such as truth and facts. The truth only hurts those who either choose to ignore it or wilfully and knowingly bury it.

While gernalists in this country were busy making jokes and describing the ‘Famine Song’ as ‘banter’, Phil was taking an entire bigoted mindset to task, raising awareness of the issue, and being the catalyst for the Irish government asking the Scottish government to explain why this song wasn’t being stamped out. The song was very quickly deemed as racist and made illegal. It is still sung by gers fans home and away. So too is The Billy Boys, which UEFA have banned and repeatedly warned the ibrox club about. The SFA and SPL are apparently deaf. The Scottish government?

‘Dallasgate’ – the sectarian in nature and deeply offensive by design email scandal – which finally brought to public attention the institutionalised culture of anti-Irish, anti-Catholic and anti-Celtic bigotry that is endemic within the SFA. Phil broke that story from beginning to end. ‘Is it a bird’?

Now, if you didn’t know better you’d probably think that Phil lived in Glasgow. I mean, how on earth could anyone who didn’t live in Glasgow, and who also wasn’t part of the Scottish media fraternity, possibly do astonishing journalistic type work like this? ‘Is it a plane’? No. And it’s not Superman either. It’s an honest journalist who lives not in Glasgow but in an entirely different country – Ireland!

Yes, it has taken an Irish based investigative journalist to shame an entire profession within this country of compliant poodle gernalists. From the chip-wrappers to the airwaves, right on up to the always ‘impartial’ BBC sportscene – which is just another name for a retirement fund for a succession of ger-minded and ger-friendly pundits. And as for BBC radio Scotland? The only way you’ll know if Celtic have scored on there is if you listen very carefully for the sobs and whispered sweary words. Your ears drums will be pierced if the gers score, though.

What all this is highlighting is just how ‘normal’ stuff like this still is in this country. The BBC is publicly funded, yet their employment policy and unhidden bias is still allowed to go unchecked. They practically funded rangers last season and the season before. The revolution might not be televised (and the Manchester riots) but you can be damned sure that Rangers cup-ties will be televised…and the ibrox coffers funded! by BBC Scotland.

Phil is still working hard, btw, and continues to break the stories and bring us the facts that the gernalists are under strict orders not to mention far less actually report on or discuss. Don’t mention rangers tax-case. Don’t mention HMRC. Don’t mention the war(sorry that was Fawlty Towers).

‘One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people step on him.’ ~ Immanuel Kant There’s a lot of Kant’s in the Scottish media…

Everyone should visit Phil’s site and bookmark it. He updates it regularly and it really is ‘must read’ stuff – check out the archives sections too as this, as he explains in his recently released book, isn’t something that just started a few months ago. On that note, I’ve been speaking to Phil and we are hoping to do some form of interview or Q and A session with him when he gets some time. He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very busy Bhoy!

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6 Replies to “Celtic: Rebel Journalism v Poodle ‘Gernalism’”

  • Great article Tic and I look forward with relish to the day when we can interact with a Man of Phil’s renowned stature here on Vital Celtic …….Canny Wait ………!!!!

  • great to see the site giving phil some great support!

    really enjoyed that article and as yer man said in the forum its only the truth being told. lookin forward to seeing more of this and the thing with phil sounds like a smashin idea.

  • Good article, TicV. Phil’s blogs are indeed interesting, and it’s always healthy to read stories by “rebel” journalists as well as the “poodle” ones. However, articles written by most guys like that that I’ve seen tend to be heavily influenced by an agenda which is generally “anti-someone” or “anti-something” – and readers of both should surely be continually asking themselves “how much of this do I really believe as true fact, as opposed to slanted opinion ?” Hope you get to do a Q&A with him though !!

  • You’d have thought it was an even game on Sunday if you’d read Roddy Forsyth’s column in the Telegraph. How does he get away with it?

  • Good article but I’d like to offer a small correction – the phrase “Laptop Loyal” originated in the Bhoyzone fanzine around 2000. Cheers.

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