Date: 14th January 2021 at 6:34pm
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I rarely listen to Talksport. For three reasons. The first is their coverage of anything Scottish, football or otherwise, for a “national” radio station is shocking at best and pathetic at worst.  Secondly, at any given opportunity they will denigrate Scottish football.  Mostly all coverage is negative and their arrogance at how they continually compare the standard of our league compared to the journeyman English Premier League which has embarrassing amounts of money swirling about in it reeks of a serious inferiority complex.  The third reason is for Alan Brazil. A man that has made a career of allowing his “guests” and co-host continually bash the Scottish game whilst he sits in the background nodding along and laughing.  Its a cringeworthy, “my dads bigger than your dad” station that no Scottish football fan should need to or even want to listen to.

But here we are. Adrian Durham the self styled “shock jock” has taken five minutes to look up from his English Premier League table and decided to speak about Celtic, probably for the first time this year, and claim that they should be relegated to bottom tier of Scottish football and that “Scotland has had enough of Celtic”. Arrogant and childish claptrap.

Durham ranted, “And if you don’t think you’re not hearing correctly, it is correct. After a 200 grand trip to Dubai, for a bunch of losers to laugh in the face of a Scotland that has been decimated by COVID, Celtic are now getting the taxpayer to pay for their youth squad.

“In the meantime, Rangers have opened up Ibrox as a vaccination centre! (Clearly “forgetting” that Celtic have offered their facilities and The Celtic Foundation have donated over £1m to COVID causes).

“Am I right in thinking Scotland has had enough of Celtic Football Club? In the whole scheme of things, what Celtic are doing now is far, far worse, far more insulting to the fans and to football and to the whole nation than anything Rangers did nine years ago.

“So wouldn’t it be just fitting, wouldn’t it be right, to demote Celtic to Scottish League Two after all this nonsense?”

No Ade, what you need to do is what you do best. Just ignore Scottish football. For good and let the rest of us get on with it.