Date: 19th March 2019 at 11:52pm
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Celtic star Kieran Tierney has shut down rumours he may require surgery for a hip problem and other nonsense online chatter, speaking to The Herald.

The paper report that a number of rumours have emerged over the past few months regarding his health and relationship with managers, one of which claimed he may require the same surgery that Andy Murray recently underwent to save his tennis career.

Tierney though is intent on laughing it all off.

As quoted by The Herald, he said:

I find it funny. My mates always send me rumours and stuff that’s flying around about myself. I don’t know where some of it comes from. You just take everything with a pinch of salt. You just need to get on with your work and stay quiet.

Apparently I was going for a hip operation and it was the same one Andy Murray had. It’s funny how things grow arms and legs. People say one thing and it leads to another. You don’t believe everything you read.

There is nothing you can do for the problem but rest. It was always just rest. There is no operation that would have been helpful in any way for it. It was just overuse and the 10 weeks did me the world of good. The rest benefitted me both mentally and physically. It was probably a good thing for the long term.

Celtic really need to sign competent back-up for the left-back that will enable him to rest more from Hoops action going forward considering the amount of games he has played over the last few years directly impacted his recent problem.

Still just 21-years-old we can’t take risks on his long-term health by running him into the ground and although he needs no surgery he did miss three months of action, something that may have been preventable if he was handled better.

Tierney is currently on Scotland duty for crucial qualifiers against Kazakhstan and San Marino, but Celtic fans’ main concern will be the player staying injury free ahead of next week’s derby against Rangers.