Date: 8th December 2020 at 11:33am
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I’ve had my say on the statement by the Celtic board and many bloggers reacted to it last night but what did Celtic supporters make of it? Would any agree with the boards backing of the manager? Would they even agree that the board know the importance of this season? Do they believe that the board genuinely know what direction they are going?

Celtic twitter reacted last night to the official club tweet and the vote was unanimous. But lets start with my friends at The Celtic Blog, who summed up the statement perfectly:

So it is absolutely clear. The Celtic fans currently feel there is a clear disconnect between themselves and the powers that be at the club and it is difficult to see how this can be repaired.

Celtic fans want to see change and when the situation gets the level of demonstrations, then the managers position becomes untenable. No amount of statements, backings or press releases is going to change the mind of the Celtic supporters.

I remember a simpler time when results used to be what managers stood or fell by and it seems that in this case that is not to be. So what will it take for the Celtic fans to be listened to? Continued demonstrations? Probably not. More statements from the Green Brigade? Definitely not. Or will it be that when the season book renewal notice comes out at the end of the season, the supporters ignore it and vote with their wallets?  Money tend’s to be the only language a board understands and may be the only tongue that the fans can speak in………..