Date: 29th July 2018 at 1:45pm
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Celtic will not be returning to Hibernian with a new bid for midfielder John McGinn as it stands, with the club refusing to increase their latest £2m plus add-ons offer.

That’s according to The Daily Record, who say that the Hoops are walking away from the deal due to a lack of competition for his signature from England.

Unless that changes, don’t expect to see McGinn in a Celtic shirt this summer.

The paper say that Celtic’s package for the midfielder included the initial fee plus attractive add-ons based on appearances, future sales and UEFA Champions League qualification.

Given he has less than a year left on his contract and the Hoops can begin negotiations directly with the player in just a few months time, drawing the line in the sand with that offer appears to make sense from our perspective, as much as Hibs fans will curse us for what they perceive is a lowball offer.

McGinn certainly has potential, but there is little point in paying over the odds when there is zero competition from elsewhere for his signature.

The risk of course is that a team comes in from down south and meets Hibs’ valuation, but if there’s word of that then surely we would return and the player would come to Glasgow, given his probable desire to pull on our version of the green and white.

What do you make of the John McGinn transfer stalemate? Let us know in the comments below…


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  • pick mcginn up for a tenth of the 2 mil offer come janurary only losers in this situation are hibs and st mirren ! see mcginn in e hoops come the new year hail hail

    • dear oh dear, you really think hibs will accept 200k in 4 months,…. wow

      hibs have a point, they would be lucky to clear 1 million net, from celtics offer, after tax and st mirren % keeping him for a year most likely gives hibs an 3xtra 400k from higher league position alone, and should they get through europe with his services, then the million will be way less than they gain

      3 million celtic, for scotlands best allround midfielder of his age, and also the kind of player celtic do not have,,,its not alot to ask, considering the dealings between the claubs in the past they should be paying a fair price, and 3 milllion is fair,and would be accepted, but I for one, am glad to see the rejected bids, they were lowball for sure,

  • Usual biscuit tin Celtic. They sell Armstrong to Southampton for 7m plus add ons who was in last year of contract and expect Hibs to sell us a better player than Armstrong for less than a third of wot we got for Armstrong. Am a Celtic man but why do we need penny pinching dermot Desmond only in it for the money and his name getting mentioned with one of the biggest clubs in the world. Even wee fergus McCann gave us a cracking team brill stadium the 3 amigos. Wot has dermot done apart from sell our best player every season takes European money get himself a name from owning Celtic I wood take Fergus back in a minute get our stadium finished and another 3amigos up front plus rest off the Bhoys at back midfield let the fans enjoy themselves again. Even rangers fans are laughing at us

      • Agree 100% , mate. IMO anybody who includes “am a Celtic man” in his comments has to be regarded as a trojan horse, especially when he changes between the term “they” and “we” when referring to Celtic.

    • As for the rest of the guff you’ve written I’m not even going to waste my time. With the exception of your McGinn comment, McGinn is nowhere near the player Armstrong was, so keep your comments for the zombies

      • Ok zombie the stadium is 3/4 done main stand was supposed to be done same as rest of stadium to make it a complete dome shape. McGinn is similar or better than Armstrong so if celts got 7m plus why are they trying to rob McGinn so is in same league as Armstrong last yr of contact wot wood Celtic have done if Southampton said we’ll give u 2 mill for Armstrong or well wait till jan and get him for nowt. Celtic have and always will be penny pinchers always selling best players plus Euro money to linn dermots pockets no better than the era after big jock stein penny pinchers won’t spend the money

        • Not a zombie mate, been a season ticket holder since the new stands were built… Believe disbelieve? I don’t give feck, but you still sound like a zombie or a guy that hasn’t been to a game in years, I’ve never heard of Celtic park having a roof put on it, I take it that’s what you meant? Thought the main stand was a. Listed building???

      • granted he is in disguise, but mcginn nowhere near armstrong? even if armstrongs better, he is not 3 times the player in the respective postion, would you not say he is worth 3.5 mil? and I only give armstrong double value due to chamop league game experience , not overall skill, , As he is on the same level for me,,,, one big difference, John mcginn type players are far harder to find in scotland than armstrong type, thats for sure,

        celtic and hibs are gambling…… in one way id like the deal done, both get something good from it, but hibs could have an average season with him,,, and lose him for free, he could however have 4 months of his finest football and be offered a contract that makes him go elsewhere, this could happen regardless if a prem manager takes a liking to him

  • My side of it is that I believe Brendan is an admirer, we all know this, and that he does want McGinn. I think Brendan will be disappointed with the board on this one because it looks like Celtic are bullying the issue here and really penny pinching. That is my only point – that the manager is not being backed here for the sake of another .£ 2 million which is paltry in football terms at the level Celtic want to be at. Just pay the money ffs give the manager what he wants

    • I think Celtic taking a chance here because teams is England championship have more money for wages so derby notts forest other mite just give Hibs 3mill plus give him better wages. And we have missed out on a Scott Brown replacement maybe in a yr or two ready made as well good age

    • I fully agree as a hibs fan Im happy to keep hom for a season, especially when , if we get past asteras we have molde in the next europa game, having mcginn gives uis a chance of europa league froup stages, keeping him could be the difference of 5 million income , not to mention the higher league position hibs may get,

      At the moment hibs will net little over 1 million, for a player who makes the team tick.

      I think everyione knows, 3 million ,and the deal is done! celtic board banking on mcginn not going anywhere but celtic , for the sake of 1 million, is crazy…..a huge contract could be offered to him from elsewhere,

  • big jim, go to bed you’re drunk, desmond takes champions league money.? 3 amigos and rest of the bhoys in midfield..? they are nearly 50… celtic’s offers for mcginn have been fair, hibs man petrie has made this personal.. him and lawell have had a wee fall out because he has taken the job petrie wanted. as soon as the english window shuts,think its next weekend , then hibs will be back pleading with celtic. its up to the player at the end of the day but hewill be at celtic soon.

    • If you read the comments properly I said fergus McCann gave us the 3 amigos plus more and built us a super stadium also I no they will be approaching 50. But I am talking about now wot has dermot Desmond done apart from line his own pockets wot wood Celtic have said to Southampton if they offered 2m and said we’ll we’ll wait till jan and get him for nowt. If a player like McGinn is only worth 2mi then Armstrong was only worth similar as I think McGinn a better player ready to replace super Brown in cple years and a snip at the price. McCann gave us a super stadium super team with 3 amigos in it. One off the best teams av seen

      • I don’t know why you keep going on about Dermot Desmond. Lining his pockets with what? There is no money in Scottish Football. Peter Lawell is in complete control of Celtic and he runs it like a business. And whilst i agree that 3 mil for McGinn is a fair price and i also agree that the biscuit tin mentality is absolutely frustrating as a celtic fan I can’t argue with the financial stability of the club at a time when there is no money in the game. Lawell isn’t going to pay 3 mil for a player he can sign to a pre-contract in 5 months for nothing, from a business point of view it doesn’t make sense whether you agree with it or not. And i wouldn’t expect it to change anytime soon. Making poor business choices to chase success on the field and you’ll end up like the other mob over in Govan. My guess Celtic offer 1 mil in January for McGinn and he pulls on the hoops in 2019.

    • Awww sorry few typos but you get me!! Also that clown “big jim” definately a orc no TIm talks that p**h!

  • Why spend money to tick a box? I think it makes sense to go back in the winter break. As long as McGinn stands firm that he won’t move to anyone other than us.

    We should put the £2m+ to decent center half or rigjtnack….

  • Basically it is my belief that BR is not being backed by the Celtic Board. Although a big spend for Edouard and BR getting his way with that one, It seems they wish to compete in the low cost and loanee leagues. They are hoping they always will get to the Champions league stages (A big hope) They do not wish to take the club to a better European grade of football. There will be no further spend during this transfer market!

  • Hibs hold all the cards here. Keep Mcginn, get into Europe proper with his help they can make more than us Penny pinching jokers offered, while coming back in the January window and offer a decent price for Allan, sothing in the range of £500,000. Boish Bash Bosh. We need to watch and learn 🙂

    • n not too mention, the extra few 100l hibs will get with a higher league position keeping him for the season… why accept a deal for him now, when you will bank around 1.1 million, silly. so they are being shrewd and why not, with the europa draw,they have a chance of getting there , but that chance decreases without mcginn

  • Our midfield is just Fine.We need the back sorted out.We have been pleading for another defender for long enough.The McGinn scenario will come good for Celtic.Petrie at Hibs is an absolute sausage.Mon The HooPs Onwards n Upwards.HfH

    • petrie at hibs who has sold cetlic about 15 players in 15-20 seasons,

      why would hibs sell there top asset to bank 1 million, after deductions, when he can get them an extra few league spots, plus possible europa progression, banking 1 mil or more,

  • Considering the amount of players we have given to Hibs on loan over the years that helped them win the Scottish cup and then won them promotion, I think it is Hibs who are messing us around.I’ve got to say Big Jim I think you’re talking rubbish as regards Dermot Desmond no shareholder is in it for the money in Scottish football.John McGinn will be a Celtic player by transfer deadline day.

    • Mcartney… are you serious about how celtic have helped hibs with loans to win one cup? and this should make a difference? l then should….the fact celtic got scott allen from hibs make a difference or the trophies celtic won with… ” the players gave celtic and helped win them trophies!”..just a few of player celtic have identified and bought whilst they were playing at hibs, under contract or loan….

      Scott Brown
      Lee Griffiths
      Ulrik laursen
      Didier agathe
      Chris Killen
      Anthony stokes
      John Collins
      Gary caldwell
      derek riordan
      pat mcginaly(celtics top scorerr b4 ye laugh)…I could go on and on and on..,

      Celtic got jock stein and ronnie simpson from his and then won the european you shud be thanking us!!
      Not to mention the fact that when celtic started hibs gave them 8 or 9 players to get going! without those players it would have taken alot longer, Hibs have been helping celtic since 1888, and you mention a few loans and one makes me laugh thats for sure…….but hibs should take this into account.? a few loans ?….know the history!. it should be the other way around if anything..but these things should not come into play atall!

  • Lee Congerton didn’t earn his corn at Sunderland and he looks to be doing the same here . The gamble is, we are allowing the chasing pack to have hope. We need a couple of signings to let them know we are still hungry for trophies. Loanees don’t count . Open the purse strings for positions we clearly need strengthening. I don’t think MON had this system in place when he was in charge.

  • Armstrong had plenty in English top league wanting him also when we bought him 3 years ago it was for 1.7 million simmilare to what we offered for mcgin ad since signing he went on to win 9 medals athe Celtic played in many big European games and scored in them to!So he has proved hos worth big time mcgin has not !playing in championship and one season in top league for a club such as hibs! Come on your having a laugh whereas Stuart proved he could play athe the top with a Massive global club that CELTIC ARE!THAT IS A FACT! No other club wants his player @are thinks hibs like sevco are deluded regarding fees for their I’m under achieving players! Celtic are Winners!and operate at a different level!You people are thick.And personally I don’t believe he is good enough to play for us!Where he get in Calum ,Broony and Ollie way better!As are all our fringe playears so keep him!Ohhhh and to the other clown we bought those players!Whereas we loaned you ours you utter clown shoes!Hail Hail Treble TREBLE on the way

  • Awww sorry few typos but you get me!! Also that clown “big jim” definately a orc no TIm talks that p**h!

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