Date: 26th April 2021 at 7:44pm
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“The Invincibles”. The very mention of THAT tag riles up the blue half of Glasgow. Not only does it rile them, they try to deride the achievement by claiming ‘no competition’ while forgetting that they, themselves where in every single one of those competitions over the full Invincibles season.

It’s not difficult to understand. Unbeaten in all competitions, and you can claim the tag of The Invincibles.  The media narrative of Rangers coming even close to that achievement by calling it ‘League Invincibles‘ is cringeworthy.

Chris Sutton has long been a thorn in the Rangers fans side. For as long as I can remember, as player and pundit, he has stuck it the club and their fans whether it be the truth of them winning their very first title, that they are, in fact, a new club and even labelling their captain a serial loser as the team continue to flounder in cup competitions.

In his latest tweet after Rangers capitulation in Glasgow to St Johnstone Sutton referenced the ‘nearly invincibles‘:

The media’s continued fascination of trying to compare Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic Invincibles to this pretend one across the city is embarrassing. But I get it. It sells papers and it encourages clicks but it doesn’t hide from the truth.

Is "Rangers" a new club?





When it comes to it, one trophy in nine over three years is not good enough and if Celtic were not such an absolute shambles this year, it should have been zero trophies and a P45 for Mr Gerrard.

But on the face of it. Rangers are bottlers. Two cup competitions without Celtic and they couldn’t find the courage to even make the semi final stage of both.

It’s time to draw a line under this silly ‘Invincibles’ tag being given to this team of pretenders. Or maybe it isn’t as they have been pretending to be something they are not since 2012.

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