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“Did you see the same game as me?” – Hartson’s stunned reaction to Stephen Craigans Madden questioning

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The weekends cup exit fallout still continues to this day.

A full 72 hours have now passed since Celtic’s treble dream died and we (as in EVERYONE) is still talking about the performance of the referee.

But there was a strange conversation on The Go Radio Football Show last night where former Celtic striker John Hartson was left bewildered by fellow pundit Stephen Craigan’s line of questioning regarding the referee Bobby Madden:

Hartson: “But I have to say, the performance of Bobby Madden at the weekend was dreadful.”

Craigan: “Just for Celtic or both teams?”

Hartson: “It was dreadful.”

Craigan: “For both teams you think? Not just the one?”

Hartson: “Did you see the same game as me?”

Craigan: “I think he had a poor game. They’ve all had poor games but he didn’t have just a poor game for Celtic. He had a poor game for both teams.”

Hartson: “He had a poor game.”

I’m not quite sure what Craigan was trying to allude to here because I think it has been universally agreed that Madden’s performance was poor by all quarters.

Celtic must now get back on the horse and continue their pursuit for the SPFL trophy this weekend with their visit to Ross County on Sunday.

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  • Jack says:

    Graigan a joke

  • David Tolmie says:

    Madden is as big a fool as craigan, we saw a WWE Performance on Rogic by bassey 2 hands holding Rogic who struggles free foul by Rogic , awards a foul to Celtic Turnbull takes it Quickly on the break calls it back reverse s his decision, Welsh down in box head clash Celtic on the break, Madden uncontested drop ball to Sevco.What ifab rule is that. Cal Mac should have told him protect us or get ready to Abandon the game 6 off for Celtic, if Var doesn’t fix this refuse to pay , pay for foreign officials H H

  • Gerry Boland says:

    Rangers game plan could not be executed without the referees cooperation -simple

  • Patrick McNally says:

    As usual The Rangers won the physical battle in the game. We need some bigger stronger players, so we have a better chance of beating them. I still think we will win the league. Hail Hail.

  • Chris says:

    He may indeed have had a “poor game” for both teams. It’s just that his game was much poorer in respect of Celtic. Brazenly so. He have us no protection at all.

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Celtic need to be better at football.

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