Date: 6th April 2019 at 4:51pm
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Celtic fans are concerned about the direction the team is heading in under manager Neil Lennon after drawing 0-0 at home to Livingston on Saturday.

The Hoops couldn’t find a way to win against Gary Holt’s side despite dominating chances and possession, with attacking stars like Odsonne Edouard and Oliver Burke missing a number of chances.

Lennon has been given the Hoops job until the end of the season but some supporters are already questioning whether he should be trusted to take the team forward beyond that.

There’s no doubt that we had our fair share of domestic stinkers under Brendan Rodgers, but is the team going backwards since the former club captain took charge for a second spell?

Ultimately today’s match means little in the context of our season as a whole, we are still marching towards the title, however there will be worries about next weekend’s match against Aberdeen at Hampden in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

These fans took to Twitter today to share their thoughts on Lennon taking the job permanently after watching the team in action…

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14 Replies to “‘Dire’, ‘Going backwards’ – Many Celtic fans deliver brutal verdict on one man after rubbish draw”

  • 2 0-0 draws at home in the past month , when we had onlyfailed to score at home in the league about once in 2 years.

  • Lennon would be Ok as a No2 but not as manager. The job requires more imagination. He has been in charge for about 10 games, most of the performances including half the rangers game have been dire. Enough of the emotional BS, Lenny has had his time. Another direction is needed. Giving him the job puts 9 in arow in jeopardy.

  • Lennon has taken over a team that were prolific scorers. Even Hibs have improved since Lennon left. He is not for me. Sorry Lenny!

  • Lennon for me all day long. Yes he will have to ship some of Rodgers and congertons dead wood. This lad to my recollection has rarely failed Celtic (My/our ciub) I don’t think any incoming manager will have a tenth of his passion. Give it to Lennon.

  • Niel Lennon was given a team and players set up for a 4231 and a 3412. He was asked to steady the ship and continue from where Brendan left off. That is what he is doing. Guaranteed if given the job he will change things up considerably.

  • I have never seen Christie or mcgregor put in a good ball from a free kick or corner let someone else take them as these are totally wasted balls

  • It ‘s a tough call if he wins treble.He knows getting over the line is the toughest part but do all the players? Can’t depend on players who think the job is done so places should still be up for grabs for next match is the big one IMO!

    • Lennon is a dinosaur you have said it yourselves
      Always quick to turn on your own
      Apart from all your cheating and help from your Vatican footsoldiers it will be a different proposition next season, new manager a team rebuild hahaha …55 is coming Tik Toc
      Lawwell will need to open the biscuit tin
      Sales of your best players that’s your business model ..Teirney is a goner your biggest asset sold to the highest bidder ,Sinclair gone,McGregor, Forrest will meet up with wee jazz hands Brenda
      Meltdown is coming for the mob
      Cheat and lie your way out of that one
      Probably deny it as usual

        • Well well well look who’s back – it’s dolly the Celtic site obsessed psychopath.
          It’s a well known FACT that good old braezy doesn’t like Lennon so it’s worth it to have him as manager just to p*ss braezy off.
          Some of the football may be dire but it it worth noting that Lennon’s record since he took over is:-
          Player 7 won 5 drawn 2 lost 0. Imagine most of the upset will be that the 2 drawn games were 2 goalless draw at HOME – I wonder if the 2 drawn had been away along with 3 home wins would there be as much grumbling.
          It could be worse, braezy’s managers record since Lennon took over is:- played 7 won 2 drawn 3 lost 2 including a home draw in the league and a 2 – 0 home loss in the Scottish Cup giving them NO trophies again this season.
          So be carefull what you wish for bhoys, you could have Slippy G as manager!!!!

  • Lennon is not the man for the job, even if we go on and win the cup, he should not be given the job.
    But the problem is Mr Lawell will take the cheapest option and give it to Lennon, ayes man and God help us if he gets the job, ten in a. Row will not become a reality……..

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