Date: 7th May 2020 at 10:45am
Written by: Peter Graham

There are certain people that when they post things on social media it is best just to ignore them, they either claim to be ITK (in the know) or are posting because of self-interest, when a former executive of Scottish football posts that Rangers are in trouble, it carries a little more weight.

Roger Mitchell held the role that Neil Doncaster is in now with the SPFL in it’s previous incarnation of the SPL and will no doubt still be in touch with several key players at the top of the game in Scotland.

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Celtic fans

Who topped the charts in 1998/99?

From day one of the SPFL saga, Rangers have been demanding that money is paid to clubs early from the governing body without cancelling the 2019/20 season – having their cake and eating it, so to speak.

Celtic fans took to Twitter in response to Mitchell’s post and reminded their “rivals’ of how quickly things unravelled in 2012, closing eyes and putting fingers in ears won’t make it go away.

Only time will tell if Mitchell is proven right but when Celtic already had a sizeable off field advantage to match the one on the pitch, the coronavirus pandemic is only going to make this bigger than it ever was before.