Date: 10th May 2009 at 7:34pm
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Celtic’s Gary Caldwell has been named the Scottish Football Writers’ Player of the Year. Congratulations to Heid, he’s been a solid performer this season and deserves a round of applause.

Now the pleasantries are over, the brutal truth. Being named “Player of the Year” in the SPL is like Shaun Maloney winning “Tallest Man” when his competition consists of a dozen pygmies. Heid has done well but in European terms, he’s a poor-to-middling defender.

Would Caldwell have even been a regular if the suits and Strachan had not “managed expectations” at Celtic to such a ridiculous level? No, he wouldn’t. And for all of those asking “Do the fans who ridiculed Caldwell last season feel bad now?” I would reply “No, he was absolute garbage last season but has improved now”.

All of this may sound negative. So be it. I feel ashamed to have tried to create fake positivity and yesterday – the climax of incompetence – caused the barrier to come crashing down. Those who have stood back and kept quiet about the downsizing of Celtic Football Club should be ashamed of themselves.

In Gordon Strachan the Board have a painfully mediocre “yes man” who, when asked to jump, will merely ask “how high?” Any football manager with any backbone would not have stood back when players were sold he wanted to keep, and when players were bought he didn’t want.

So while the general downsizing of the club is down to the Board (and, let’s be honest, our wonderful chairman knows all about being a puppet), the manager should never have gone along with it. He can’t help his tactical ineptness, that’s just the way he is – but standing back as the club is destroyed? Not good enough.

Finally, there will be those saying “But we can still win the league, no fan would give up”. Yes, that’s true. But would winning the league even begin to make up for the fact this proud club is being destroyed by those controlling it? Not at all and the only ones who deserve to have the finger pointed at them are the ones at the club doing the damage.

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