Date: 14th January 2021 at 8:18am
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Craig Burley has sensationally lifted the lid on the behind the scenes club politics at Celtic and says there are real comparisons that can be made of this seasons troubles to when he played for the Hoops back in 1999.

Burley was part of the ill fated John Barnes/Kenny Dalgleish “Dream Team” era and the run of results from this season is almost on a par with those from Barnes’ maiden and only season with Celtic.

Speaking to the Daily Record from his home in the USA, Burley revealed, “The comparison with the team I played in that year is being talked about and I get that. All I can say is I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors at Celtic Park these days.

“But some of the stuff that was happening back then – the politics – played a huge part in how the season unfolded.

“Kenny had come back to the club and appointed John Barnes, with Terry McDermott beside him. It was very political – some were getting new contracts, others weren’t getting new contracts and there were divisions, without doubt.

“One of the reasons I left was the politics and that’s why that whole regime unravelled from top to bottom. I left in December and it got even worse.

“The team certainly had the potential to do well but it wasn’t a happy camp.

“People like Eyal Berkovic, and one or two others – I’d describe them as selfish, whereas the team of 18 months earlier was built on unity. That was part of the issue. The dressing room wasn’t as united as it could have been.

“Allan MacDonald had come in as chief executive earlier that year and was trying to shift people like me, so they could sign guys like Rafael Scheidt.

“Certain people wanted to move me on anyway and that’s fine. Players come and go.

“But Celtic paid more than £5million for Scheidt, which back in the day was a huge fee, so there was a concerted effort to get finance in to pay for that.

“They knew they could get money for me. They could’ve got money for other people but they didn’t want to sell some of the others. So I was let go and, to be honest, I was happy to go because I wanted away from some of the stuff.”