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Former BBC man’s brilliant Celtic tweet starts liquidation wind up

Image for Former BBC man’s brilliant Celtic tweet starts liquidation wind up

All it takes is one wee tweet. One wee tweet from a certain journalist that starts the liquidation chat again.

As I reported this morning, Jim Spence took a swing at the Celtic board whilst calling out the Ibrox club’s “crass behaviour” as away fans are still currently banned from attending matches at Celtic Park.

In his piece in The Courier Sport, Spence referenced Celtic fans annoyance at the Old F*rm tag, “The ‘Old Firm’ moniker is one which bugs most Celtic supporters, who insist that Rangers post-liquidation is a new club.

“Obviously Rangers fans don’t see it that way.”

And Celtic fans took to twitter to not only back Spence up with the main point of his article, but some also showed that the OF tag is one that died when Rangers liquidated in 2012.

“@bryanwylie1” tweeted: “When rangers were liquidated and a new club formed, Scottish football had the opportunity to change, for what ever reasons the opportunity was lost.”

@derekkavanagh14” said: “No old firm, livingston have a 10,000 capacity yet gave Celtic 7,000 tickets for last weeks game, so your idea has the same credibility as eating soup with a fork”
@arahcacbo” doesn’t even reference the OF tag: “Someone needs to step in on this. It’s a disgrace. As  a CelticFC fan I am appalled by this un sportsmanship behaviour. Having opposing fans in the stadium is what it is all about. The Glasgow Derby has lost it’s edge, now we are stooping just as low. Embarrassing.” and when he was called out on not using the OF name he brilliantly replied, “I don’t like lying
This will always be a bone of contention amongst the Celtic fans and whilst they are correct, the Rangers fans will continue to stick their fingers in their ears and deny the events of 2012 actually happened.

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  • Jack says:

    150 anniversary can say that about anything it’s an anniversary of there birth but not of there age as they died in212 there own city council don’t even recognise it

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