Date: 10th January 2020 at 7:30am
Written by: Peter Graham

Former Celtic skipper, Jackie McNamara, has urged Ki Sung-Yeung to take a pay cut in order to force a return to Parkhead.

Speaking to Football Insider, McNamara believes it will be the only way that a deal can be done for the 30-year-old midfielder.

So what has McNamara said?

When asked if Ki would have to make a financial sacrifice to seal a return to Scotland, McNamara said:

“Yeah, and he would need to”.

“Something’s got to give when it comes to the money and if that’s the case then yes, if he wants to get back in”.

“He obviously knows the club and he knows Neil as well so, Celtic will have a price they’ll stick to”.

So is McNamara correct?

McNamara is right, Celtic are in a good negotiating position as far as Ki is concerned, he isn’t their number one target as they have a core of players who are, almost, guaranteed to start every game in the middle of the park.

They will also be wary of allocating too much of their weekly wage budget on a player that won’t start every game, especially with other targets like Andraz Sporar expected to command a decent salary in what would be considered a priority position.

They also know that, as McNamara mentions, Ki knows the club, manager and several of the players so it would be an easy move for him to make given his familiarity with Celtic, the issue is, as reported by The Scottish Sun, they can’t afford his wages.

Would Ki Sung-Yeung be a good signing for Celtic?





Ki has been on Premier League wages for eight years and although he hasn’t been at a top six club, he will still have made a substantial amount of money, if he really wants to be playing regular football and a return to Paradise, the ball is firmly in his court.