Date: 18th March 2020 at 7:30am
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Former Rangers defender Alan Hutton has voiced his opinion on the coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected the outcome of the Scottish Premiership.

Speaking to Football Insider, the retired Scotland international has revealed how he thinks the championship should be decided amidst the health crisis.

So what has Hutton said?

When asked if he believes that Celtic should be crowned champions if the season is cancelled, Hutton said:

“I don’t think they can. People are going to look at it and think because I’m Rangers that’s what I’m saying.”

“Even in the Premier League I don’t think they can just hand things out, there are so many stipulations. I don’t think it’s easy to say: ‘Right, there you go, there’s the title.”

“There will always be an asterisk next to it saying ‘Coronavirus’ and everybody will talk about it forever saying you actually didn’t win that one. I’m sure from the point of view of Rangers and Celtic they would want to see it out, however, wherever it’s done.”

“Whether it be into the summer or whenever, I think everybody would want to see it finished and then there would be no ifs, buts or maybes, it was finished, that was the result and we can move on.”

So is Hutton correct?

In an ideal world, Hoops fans would want to win 9-in-a-row in front of a packed Celtic Park and with the season in full flow, however, the world is currently far from ideal and football is taking a back seat.

If there was a choice – for any football fan – of being awarded the title or having nothing to show for being so dominant over 30 games (a 13 point lead at present), it’s a clear and pretty obvious one that would be facing fans and not many would disagree with Neil Lennon’s comments that the Celts should be declared victors.

Would you care if the 2019/20 title and 9-in-a-row had an asterisk next to it?





Yes, there will forever be an asterisk next to Celtic’s name on the trophy but, and it’s a big but, their name would be on it and to fans all over the world – and to coin a phrase – if you’re not first, you’re last.


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  • You’d have thought any Rangers players would think that an asterisk beside a title would be normal!?
    A world wide pandemic is very different from a local tax scam Alan….VERY!

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