Date: 25th April 2018 at 4:00pm
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The new kit was, of course, released earlier this week and it looks as though plenty of discussion has come from it which is obviously good for New Balance.

Indeed, they get the extra publicity and, though some of it is negative, there’s been plenty of positive responses to the new strip.

For sure, it’s one I think I personally will need to get used to but, overall, there have been worse kits and as long as we’re winning I don’t really care that much.

Scott Brown seems to be liking it too judging by his reaction, so let’s see how some of our fans have looked to engage with the skipper on Twitter:

The Verdict

Like I say, it’s one I think I need to get used too but it seems as though there is plenty that are positive about it.

For me, as long as we’re winning in it, it doesn’t really matter but if the players like it that is a bonus.

If the players feel good then they should play well, even if the kit is one of the more trivial things when it actually comes to a result.

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