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“He really has to get his act together” – Pundit’s scandalous attack on Postecoglou

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As Ange Postecoglou comes under pressure to solve the mini crisis currently hanging over Celtic Park, one former Scotland international and now pundit, Alan Rough, has launched what seems to be a stinging attack on the Celtic boss and seems to question why the Hoops support are behind their gaffer?

Yes, Livingston’s result was a shocker, but most Celtic fans agree that the progress on the park when all players are fit, are reason enough to stick by their manager and let him see the job through.

Speaking on his PLZ The Football Show, Rough showed a stunning lack of awareness at not only what the Celtic support watched last season but also the reaction to what they have witnessed this season so far, “I think he’s very fortunate. I don’t know what he’s done to get a lot of the support.

“They’ve all bought into it. It is going to take time but it’s ok saying that but if you continually lose games, people lose patience.

“And winning game stops that.

“He really has to get his act together.

“They’re still not a settled side. They’re still not a settled back four. They’re still not a settled midfield.

“You don’t know who’s playing up front, you don’t know who’s playing out wide.

“At this stage of the season you should know, eleven or thirteen players who are going to be in your first team.

“They’re the ones that should be playing week in week out and that is not the case and that’s why you’re not getting any consistency.”

Rough really hasn’t been paying attention to Celtic has he?

And the Celtic support are not daft. Of course they expect to win games. But they also know that the club has never undertaken such a massive rebuild in their entire history.

It will take time and by all intents and purposes, it seems the Hoops support back their manager.

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