Date: 1st June 2021 at 11:44am
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Regular readers of my site will know that I enjoy (well, enjoy is a bit of a stretch, lets call it listen intently)  to Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and reporting on the pundit opinions and observations on Celtic.

I tuned into last nights episode on the catch up podcast and what I listened to was a complete hatchet job on a man that may become the next Celtic manager.

Ange Postecoglou is widely expected to be named as the next Hoops boss over the next few days and it is fair to say that reaction has been one of disbelief. Not only amongst the fans, but reporters and pundits alike.

But any good reporter and radio show should do their homework and try to at least find out some facts about the prospective new manager before casting opinions on the man.

Personally I have listened, probably like many Celtic fans, to various ex players and reporters giving us an insight to Postecoglou so that we can get a gauge on what we can expect before making any wild claims and accusations on whether the man is good enough for the Hoops.

And for the record, many people believe this move has a touch of the Delia’s about it. But it also has echo’s of Wim Jansen too. But that is for another day.

Hugh Keevins, on his opening statement about the move said on last nights show, “Two other observations I’d make about Ange Postecoglou. Number one is that Celtic need, arguably, the biggest rebuild in the club’s history.

“They are currently in talks with a man who has no contacts in Britain, and no contacts in continental Europe, either. And lastly, what if the talks beak down?

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“He is after all, the employee of another club on another continent, and if anything should go wrong with wait to be Dominic McKay’s shoes.”

But here is the thing. In his very own newspapers Record Celtic Podcast, Gavin Berry interviewed a highly regarded Australian sports journalist Francis Leach (who admitted to having a soft spot for the Hoops), and he put Keevins’ assertions to bed.

When asked about his knowledge of European and Scottish football by Berry, Leach said that Postecoglou has ‘extensive‘ contacts already all over Europe and Scotland due to his scouting duties with the Australian national squad,  “He’d be trusting the eyes and ears of the Celtics scouts to tell him what’s available.

“But he’s also got an extensive network in Europe.

“And you’ve got to remember that our Socceroo’s manager used to spend a lot of time watching our overseas players playing in all sorts of leagues including coming to Scotland to watch the likes of Ryan McGowan, to see the SPL, to see how they were tracking before being selected for World Cup and Socceroo duties.

“So he will have those networks. Those networks were in place for him already all over Europe.”

Networks in place all over Europe‘. So this begs the question. Why did Keevins not do his basic research and find out this information before making outlandish claims on live radio about Postecoglou’s knowledge and standing in the game? He is, after all, an experienced journalist of over 40 years in the game.

I found this basic fact out quite easily and I’ve only been in this game for under a year.

After all, it was his own newspaper that did the digging. It was his own newspaper that had the information. Unfortunately, his own newspaper didn’t match his agenda.

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