Date: 22nd August 2021 at 8:39am
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I’ve always found the Scottish media a strange bunch. Not the people that are in it but the way they simply cannot be balanced in their reporting or their praise for the job the Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has currently undertaken at Paradise.

From being a work in progress through the eyes of many in the media, including Celtic fans and myself, to now becoming title challengers in a matter of six short weeks is nothing short of remarkable by the Aussie boss.

And yet, all we hear are warnings from the media that the team cannot sustain this high tempo football, the defence is still dodgy and that Celtic are a couple of players short in (enter position here) to be able to take on the might of Rangers.

Whilst many of those warnings may be true, in the month of August, Celtic have scored twenty one goals and conceded two, with two games still to play.

Nine of the twenty one goals scored after the 60 minute mark and whilst there is a mistake in the defence, it is not anywhere near as catastrophic as the media make out.

This morning in his column, Hugh Keevins took a strange stance on reporting the progress of the team.

Instead of commending Celtic for their remarkable turnaround and praising the Ange Postecoglou, he introduced the Eddie Howe factor and how he has set Postecoglou’s rebuild back.

Not only that, he takes a quote from Ange, “The key for me is that people believe in me. If they have a belief in me, I’m able to do what I can.”.

A simple stance Postecoglou has always took simply because of his high risk, but wonderful football, and then takes an unwarranted swing at Postecoglou’s quote by summing it up as, “Loaves and fishes anyone?” implying that Ange is making himself out to be some God like figure to be revered.

To top it all off,  the way he refers to Celtic fans in this thinly veiled dig, “Will all of the disciples keep their discipline?” as he seems to imply that if results start to slip, they will turn on the manager.

Contrast that to an article tweeted no less than thirty minutes later that seemed to be a rally call for Steven Gerrard’s side as they prepare to face Ross County today at Dingwall.

The article, by Scott McDermott, is a sickly love in praising the hunger of a Rangers side, that collapsed after the January break, over eighteen months ago in what seems to be an attempt to jolt the team from their slumber and kick on with a win against Ross County.

The Scottish media are no strangers to knocking down Celtic managers whilst simultaneously building up our rivals.

Ange has the measure of these guys and they don’t like it.