Date: 15th May 2019 at 5:58pm
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Celtic fans can’t get the idea of appointing Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez as Neil Lennon’s successor out of their minds.

As reported by The Scottish Sun earlier today, the Spaniard is now the odds on favourite to take up the post at Celtic Park.

Speculation about his arrival in Glasgow is in serious overdrive, no matter how fanciful the idea of him taking the job is.

It would be a stunning coup for the Hoops, who are looking for the man to maintain the standards and success of the Brendan Rodgers era.

Lennon has been in interim charge since February but fans are concerned he’s not the right person to lead the club towards nine and ten titles in a row.

There are clearly major reasons why Benitez might not fancy a move to the Scottish Premiership, but can we convince him we’re building an exciting new project at the club?

These fans have taken to Twitter this week to share their thoughts…

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8 Replies to “‘I will cry with happiness’ – Many Celtic fans are desperate to appoint one manager this summer”

  • Keep on dreaming even if he does leave Newcastle it won’t be for a Mickey mouse pub team in Scotland that play division one teams, it’s already been stated by SSN he won’t go there and Celtic can not afford his wages also his family live in Liverpool so going to Scotland is even further away. If he were to leave us I can think of a lot bigger teams in England he’d go to hopefully he signs a new deal if he was to leave Newcastle it’ll be the final nail in the Ashley coffin

    • Celtic generate revenue by themselves, via the support and astute player development. They keep their head above water financially and compete in Europe most years.

      Most EPL teams are reliant on tv money, and even then run at a deficit.

      To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I heard the Chapions league song at a a Newcastle game.

      Celtic a Mickey mouse pub team?

      Depends on how you view it fella.

    • Rafa’s family may reside in Liverpool, you, most likely in prison, or a southerner lucky enough to be living in Geordie land.

  • Why not? His wages would be self funding by way of the players he would attract and hopefully the extended European runs and so on. Go for PL.

  • He won’t come to Scotland because Celtic won’t pay him what he wants. celtic could afford his wages but won’t pay them. For anyone, from Newcastle to call Celtic a Mickey Mouse pub team. Well the arrogance of it. Newcastle are a nothing team, hanging on in the EPL desperately living off the TV money generated by the big clubs. Haven’t won anything in a century. 15th is an achievement. Best days well and truly behind them.

  • Sad to see some derogatory comments from so called Newcastle fans being posted about Celtic. I have spent a lot of my life in the north east and truly love and admire the Geordies. Those who posted the derogatory muck, they must of been in prison while I was in Newcastle.

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