Date: 21st December 2020 at 3:09pm
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After yesterday’s heroic and world breaking Quadruple Treble, you would have thought that every single Celtic fan up and down the country would have been jumping for joy. Even DURING the game there was some people turning to social media decrying the team performance and lambasting the manager.

Take to Facebook and Twitter and you will see various over the top reactions and underwhelming posts from fans that could simply find no joy in Celtic creating history, that by and large will never be created again. No congratulations, no celebrations. Just beratement and unhappiness about a performance, albeit below par, that was still good enough to secure the trophy.

Then we had this incredible call on last nights Super Scoreboard from Gus, an alleged Celtic fan that could not muster any kind of acclamations for his team, and instead completely berated the Hoops and even CONGRATULATED Hearts!  The call is 2 hours and 56 minutes in and has to be heard to be believed. “Gus” ranted, “I would say that quite simply that that today from Celtic is unacceptable despite the fact they won the cup.

“All credit goes to Hearts, the Celtic defence cannot defend set pieces,, and the young keeper will be hung out to dry tonight, he was helped not one iota by his centre halves.

“I though Scott Browns performance today was more involved with the arguing and fighting and kind of distracting from his performance as he shouldn’t have been on the park.  Soro should have played from the start.

“Celtic will limp towards the end of the season under the tutelage of Neil Lennon.  They won it (Scottish Cup) largely by default.” 

A stunning negative analysis of the game and totally incredulous response to Celtic making world football history, that unfortunately was all too familiar across all social media platforms.