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“It’s absolutely not good enough” – Mark Guidi’s terrific rally for the Celtic fans against the board

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It’s not very often that I agree with anything The Go Radio Football Show’s Mark Guidi talks about when he speaks Celtic.

But then, there is always a first for everything and this is one of those times.

Speaking on the show, Guidi sounded like someone looking to get entry into the Green Brigade as he rounded on the Celtic board to demand, on behalf of the fans, EXACTLY what is going on at our club.

It was a rousing speech and it included pertinent questions that every Celtic fans has been asking about for months, “This is a club that has been in decline, on and off the park for twelve months.

“You can’t just flick a switch, and expect to become title challengers

“Ange Postecoglou has had 13 or 14 weeks to come in and again we’ll go back to it.

“What is happening at the club behind the scenes,? Where is the Director of Football? Where’s the Head the Recruitment? Where’s the Chiefs Scout? Where’s the Chief Executive?

“What exactly is Gordon Strachan role? Let’s have more detail on that.

“But the club are not informing the supporters. They’re just  giving them the bare minimum.

“They’re telling them what they need to tell them as part of a PLC.

“The board are not giving enough communication to the supporters.  Once again, they’ve put their money in. £30 million quid. What are they getting back?

“What they’re getting back isn’t good enough.

“Now if they where getting communication, they  may not agree with what the club wants to do.

“But if they are kept in the loop at least  what’they knows going on and what the money is going towards.

“But right now, on and off the park. It’s absolutely not good enough.”

He missed, ‘Where is the review!’ as well but hey, he was pretty much bang on with every point he made.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the fans will get the answers from this clueless and inept Celtic board.

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