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It’s not entitlement driving this behaviour, it’s lack of drive from the pitch to the boardroom.

Image for It’s not entitlement driving this behaviour, it’s lack of drive from the pitch to the boardroom.

After the anti climax of the nine in a row season (yes anti climax because there were no crowds or end of season party) this season started with so much promise, so much excitement and so much hype.  Celtic were on the verge of something HUGE. Something probably never to be repeated again.  Ten in a row was in sight and the fans were ready for it.

Season books purchased. Merchandising sales at records levels and fans refusing to take a refund on last seasons season ticket for games missed because of the pandemic.  The fans bought into it and bought into it big style. And so did the board. That cannot be denied.

Spending at this level has never been seen since the days of Martin O’Neill.  The board stepped up and backed the manager to an unprecedented level considering income at this time is down hugely.  Now this is not a “leave the board alone” post because I will get to them in a minute, but if you think back to preseason, when the money was being spent, no one fan complained. In fact, the majority, in my opinion, were delighted that the board backed their vision at getting the “Ten” at all costs.

Fast forward to December and it has all came down like a pack of cards in a hurricane. The signings, apart from Laxalt, have all failed to impress. The current squad have went from potential Quadruple Treble winners to also rans and the manager has lost his “thunder”.

The talk of players showing no interest in playing for Celtic after the Ferncvaros Champions League result shocked the supporters at a time when they thought they were fully buying into winning the “Ten”.  Immortality beckoned those players if they could pull this off and the ,seemingly, lack of interest has left many angered and bemused.

The manager, who many Celtic fans hold close to their hearts, makes the same continual team selections.  Picks the same players who consistently let him down and leave players on the bench that clearly want to play.  Same tactics and same formations that have failed previously are still being used and so are the same tired excuses.  Lennon’s post match interviews are becoming embarrassing to the point of someone needs to stop him talking.

And the board, watching this all unfold and carrying on with blind faith in a manager that has not only cost them millions in revenue from failing to qualify for the Champions League, but has also bowed out meekly from three cup competitions before December.  They have also watched the team drop 13 points behind their rivals in the title race and said nothing. No statement from the CEO, no action from the major shareholder and no direction in taking the club forward.

The fans chasing that bus last night have not only embarrassed themselves but also the club. Having said that, those same fans have paid thousands of pounds of their hard earned cash to keep those players, manager and board members in their lavish lifestyles can see no other alternative. Blind rage, passion for the club and apparent unmatched ambition from the players to win the title have clouded their judgement and it is easy to see why they took the action they did.

If the board do not want a repeat of those scenes again stop with the smokescreen of security fences around the stadium and start focusing on where the REAL issues are, because as it stands now, they will have more to lose than the “Ten” when asking fans for their hard earned cash again.

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