Date: 28th November 2018 at 5:00pm
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It’s a big week for the Bhoys as we head into two huge fixtures in the coming days.

At the weekend, of course, we’ve got the League Cup final against Aberdeen as we look to make the first trophy of the season ours for the third time running.

And, before that, we’ve got the Europa League tie with Rosenborg which has certainly got many of us excited for sure.

Away from the pitch, though, there’s been other developments concerning Glasgow football – and not necessarily concerning our club.

Rangers have had their AGM where they’ve looked to set out their plans for the future and this line from Dave King has certainly caught the eye:

It’s not exactly something we’ve not heard before is it, Dave? And we all know how things ended.

Rather predictably, then, our fans have had a lot to say about this update and it seems to say that it has generated a few smiles for sure:


5 Replies to “‘It’s the muppet show’ – This Rangers claim has these Celtic fans smiling”

  • Hmm, self sufficient in two years, I never thought it possible, they have just upped the comedy level and blown the decibel meter with our laughter.

  • The Lying King also claimed,He was bringing Rangers Out of Liquidation.So the Bhoys couldnt noise them up,Anymore.And they are Still in Liquidation.Never tire of laughing when Glib n Shameless decides to put out a Statement or is it a Speech.Sevco the Muppet Show Right Enough…….In the Meantime,Celtic will smash our old 9 In A Row clean out the Water with 10…….HH Mon the HooPs

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