Kris Boyd makes surprising title claim and baffling Bobby Madden comments

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Yes I know. It’s Kris Boyd. And usually I ignore what he has to say but today I can’t.

Today he has spoken up (officially) for the first time on the weekends Glasgow Derby and to be honest, I am left scratching my head at his comments.

Leaving aside his embarrassing Celtic fan ‘agenda‘ comments, it’s what he says about the title challenge and Bobby Madden that raised my eyebrows for two very different reasons.

Speaking in his column [The Sun], Boyd said, “For me, Celtic will still win the league comfortably. Nothing has made me change my mind on that.

“I just can’t see any way on earth they’re going to lose three of their five remaining matches.

“In my book Madden is a good referee.

“I’d say that he’s the best we have in Scotland and there are others who are decent too, like John Beaton and Nick Walsh coming through.

“It’s lazy to accuse these guys of “embarrassing themselves” because they’re simply not.

“They make mistakes, but every professional in every walk of life makes mistakes.

“They’re honest mistakes from good people who are only trying to do their best.”

Giving up the title surprised me. I was expecting a ‘battle cry’ on that front if I’m honest and he was being pretty magnanimous with his comments there.

But it didn’t last long.

His assertion that Madden is a good referee is just baffling.

In what way is he a good referee? Fans of all clubs believe he is not up to the job and for Boyd to claim otherwise just diminishes his credibility as a pundit…………………….

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  • Pk says:

    What he meant to say. He is a good ref when he helps the rangers.

  • James Nicol says:

    Pundit originates from the Hindi word pandit a wise or learned man.
    Pundits Keevins , Boyd et al the word is incongruous in this context.

  • Billy says:

    That’s all you and James Forrest do, is just repeat what has been said In the media, and make the likes of boyd,keevins, and the rest feel important, Hail Hail

    • Paddy Sinat says:

      Hi Billy,

      Thanks for reading. Well, you know what you could try? Look at other peoples blogs and see if they do anything different and if they do, just stay there.


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