Date: 11th July 2019 at 5:01pm
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Celtic’s competitive season got underway earlier this week and it did so on a positive note but the match also showed the work we still need to do in order to be ready for the league.

Indeed, most glaring of all was the need for new signings and it is clear that across the pitch we need additions before we can be confident about defending all of our titles.

Neil Lennon has some work to do, then, but he has revealed via the Glasgow Evening Times that he is still looking for another centre-back this summer at the very, very least.

He was actually speaking about Christopher Jullien and his fitness when he dropped the hint over what he wants to do before the end of the summer window.

The boss said:

“Christopher Jullien isn’t up to speed yet and we are still looking to strengthen there too.”

Certainly, that should be the bare minimum this summer.

We need additions in several areas still and I would like to think some more deals are going to start coming through soon.


4 Replies to “Lennon drops signing hint before summer deadline”

  • Sorry guy’s , every time I read we are interested in some … M. Fkr. …. a right back or central defender, along comes some, phuk wit outfit , and pays the asking price….. lol ,…….. well phuk me, this seems to be where I come in every other year , why not offer what the want and then tell these phuk wits …… ” your man failed the medical”…….. then watch these arseholes run for cover.

  • Well, a lot of these “interested moves are from the media”. There will be a few more good players to come in. HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC.

  • Every year its same old story… Rangers are hell bent on stopping 10 in a row… We need to stop messing about.. See a player that could do us proud and pay what they ask… Get rid off that bloody biscuit tin…. HAIL HAIL

  • What the fecks going on with N.L
    and the “biscuit tin Bandits ? Were’s the money for Dembele &
    Armstrong (27 ) million , not forgetting the 10 players if we count the 3 loanee’s who’ve went back to thier own clubs . With all this we have Lennon going on about how the squad still needs “trimming”! What we
    need is 2 left back’s & a Striker of
    quality to provide competition for Eduard and Griffiths , and if the “bean counters” plead poverty then assuming that they
    still know the meaning of the word pride they’ll at least provide this the bare minimum ?

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