Date: 27th February 2019 at 11:29pm
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Former Hoops striker and BT Sport pundit Chris Sutton has blasted former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers for leaving the club this week, writing in The Daily Record on Wednesday.

Sutton’s immediate reaction is fairly similar to the sentiment throughout the Hoops support, with many feeling entirely let down by a man who spoke in glowing terms of the club and his love for it.

The BT man hasn’t missed the new Leicester boss with his comments, writing in The Record:

Brendan Rodgers was always going to leave Celtic. But the timing of it has made a mockery of some of his past statements about a dream job.

The speed of the move tells you it’s surely been in the planning for a while and he’s left the club in a mess.

Rodgers had the Celtic fans eating out of his hands because of the success but if this really was the dream job that he always claimed it was, you don’t walk out of it at this time.

That’s where he has ruined some of his legacy. In the future, people will look back on his reign and applaud him for what he has done. A double treble and pointing the club towards the treble Treble is some effort given the shambles he inherited from Ronny Deila.

But bizarrely, in the way he has come to this ending, he is leaving a mess of his own for the next guy in the door.

Sutton is perfectly correct to call Brendan Rodgers out in this manner for his shocking decision to essentially leave the Hoops in the lurch.

Thankfully the team themselves don’t seem to have missed a beat, picking up where they left off at the weekend with a morale boosting last-minute win away to Hearts at Tynecastle.

Neil Lennon is now leading them into the unknown and a blockbuster end to the season.

The players look up for it and ready to push for a ‘treble treble’ of domestic trophies. If we can do that, nobody will be care nor remember what Rodgers brought to the club.


4 Replies to “‘Made a mockery’ – Furious pundit does not miss with this Celtic opinion”

  • I believe that Brendan Rodgers was planning his move and when the chance came he left . It happened too quickly for it it not to be planned . For him to say it was his dream job , sounds hard to believe with the way he left the club he supported

  • Not hard to be a ‘massive’ club in the two horse town that Scottish football is. Players, Managers want to be performing at the highest level. This is definitely a step up for Rodgers to a club that has the potential to shake up the so called big six in the EPL, now we’ll see if he’s got what it takes

    • That “Massive” club that beat Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool etc etc in Europe? That “Money” league is the only reason Celtic can’t do it again! Greedy Clubs, Greedy TV, Greedy Agents. Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham all in the English League, why not let us in? Reason…after about 3 years we would dominate..that’s why !and The Fa and the other teams know it, and wouldn’t like it. GIRUY

  • It is not the leaving every one knew it was on the cards,it was the manner in which e did it..
    Strange for someone who professed time after time about his love for the club.
    He is now in Leicester selling the same jargon mmm.

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