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Mark Guidi blasts Hoops star ‘narrative’ and has exciting title message for Celtic fans

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As Celtic lament their injuries woes as they look to face Dundee United tomorrow afternoon, one Hoops midfielder has been taking a lot of stick over the course of the week and journalist, Mark Guidi, has taken to Go Radio to incredibly offer support for Celtic midfielder James McCarthy.

McCarthy has been slowly introduced into the Celtic first team over the course of the last few weeks and struggled in last weekends 1-0 defeat to Livingston.

This led to a backlash of negative reaction to the midfielders performance and Guidi has called out the ‘narrative’ that has been building up from certain quarters a defended the experienced  Republic of Ireland anchorman with an incredible compliment, “I think there is a narrative that is building that is really unfair.

“He’s a quality footballer. Look at the levels that he’s played at. Yes he’s had a couple of injuries but he’s quality.

“He’s a top player.  And I just think it is very unfair, the narrative that started ,this negativity that’s surrounding him already.

“The boy is a real good player. He’s a real good professional, and just give him time.

“He’s been down in England for a decade or so and come back up and he’s come into a Celtic team that’s new, it’s all new as well.

“It’s on the back of real negativity, a real downside and not a happy place to be. They’re trying to rebuild  under a new manager, with new players.

“But the potential is there for Callum McGregor and James McCarthy to be a title  winning central midfield partnership.”

McCarthy has undoubted talent. What is in doubt is his fitness. If Celtic can get him fit then absolutely, paired with McGregor, that would be a brilliant midfield force not many could cope with.

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