Date: 4th April 2019 at 9:01pm
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Celtic captain Scott Brown has again come in for media criticism for his actions after the match against Rangers this Sunday, this time from Dundee player Kenny Miller, as reported by The Scottish Sun.

Miller played with Brown for the Scotland national team so probably knows better than most that what the midfielder brings to a team in terms of personality and character.

It seems though that it’s the duty of most media pundits in the country to hammer the Hoops midfielder for celebrating a vital derby victory.

Today it was announced that Brown had been cited for disciplinary action and Miller appears to feel it is justified.

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, the Dundee forward said:

Scott is getting cited for making gesture to the the Rangers fans. Before the game, he is instructed – don’t incite the opposition fans. After the game, he went over and apparently made a gesture and I don’t think he should.

Show a bit of class. You’ve won the game, you are going to win another title and you are on for a Treble.

You don’t need to do that. You are the Celtic captain and you were the captain of the national team.

You can be bigger. Go and celebrate, rightly so, with your own fans. I haven’t seen the gesture but there is a reason why he’s been cited.

Must this continue?

Funnily enough there’s no comment on Brown being punched in the face by Ryan Kent or elbowed by Alfredo Morelos, but I suppose we can sweep violence under the carpet when there are celebrations to slam.

Thankfully it appears the club will be backing the captain to the hilt when it comes to the SFA charge and hopefully a robust defence will see him go unpunished.

If pundits like Miller are unhappy with Brown now, I don’t expect they’ll much enjoy seeing him lift the Scottish Premiership trophy come May.

What do you make of the continuing furore surround Scott Brown? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


24 Replies to “New media pundit lines up to stick the boot into Celtic star, this time it’s a former teammate”

  • Nothing new really the anti Celtic feeling are deep rooted in scottish football history since it founding in the beginning nothing has changed much since and unlikely to change – celtic have to go on be successful regardless of historical bigotry and hatred that still lingers with the roots of scottish society

  • Scott brown was assaulted 3 times during and after the game – I can’t believe the adverse attention that he is being subjected to – he is an inspirational player and captain for Celtic. Every club in the country would love to have him in there team!! That is why he is a ‘hate’ figure to all opposition fans! But the media have no excuse – as I have already stated he was the one who was assaulted on 3 ocassions without retaliation!!

    • It’s ignorant people like this clown baxter boy making hatred quotes such as the above let’s hope no one he knows ever suffers from mental illness of any kind sad little man.

    • Aye, but the difference is – and it is a humongous one, only Celtic supporters consider Brown a legend whereas the football world considers Souey a legend and Brown a nobody. lol

  • Where is the balance. The media are incredibly dangerous fuelling such hatred, so quickly which spread onto our streets. The balance in some reporting is nil towards our captain and team as mentioned. The Celtic support and family find it disgusting. I’ve cancelled my Sky subscription, will never read the Daily Record, Evening times nor listen to Clyde one , lets not even mention the clown of a so called journalist calling a man assaulted three times a tit. – If the editors of all these establishments allow/push a narrative anti Celtic, anti Scott Brown and fuel hatred then our support should not buy any of these products . Lawers from Celtic should challenge the Scottish government to act against this type of hypocritical reporting.

    • what a disgrace the anti Brown factions come away with this crap. In the last few years Brown has only been red carded once. Whereas Morelos has been red carded a least 5 times in one season. This season. Brown is hard but Fair. Yes he winds them up but the opposition should be better than that.!! Incite the fans? What about Gascoigne and his ” flute playing” .

  • Checking the number of times Brown has been sent off, and it would appear 3 times in a few years. Whereas Morelos 5 times this season. Ned I say more!!!!?

  • Morelos played in a South American and a European League with virtually no red cards.
    Yet this same player receives 5 reds in one season.

    Now why is that, Torbettians!!!

    For the simple reason that for the last decade the Pacific Shelf controls the SFA and SPFL.

    Morelos gets abused in every vital game from behind by cowards like Brown, McKenna and Broadfoot – kicked from behind, studs dragged down his achilles, kicked in the face …

    Brown gets away with his cowardice in Scotland but never gets away with his bullsh*t in Europe where Pacific Shelf are humiliated with score lines that make embarrassing history.

    And the complaints of the Torbettians about the media when their shameless cheerleaders – Mutton, Stewart and Craigan spout their vomit week in week out against Rangers.

    Brown is and always has been utter crap who gets away with his cowardly fouls – he just stamped on the St Mirren player last night.
    He’s a mongo player that belongs in a zoo rather than a football pitch – and, like the rest of the football world who know it, you know it as well.

    So why don’t you stop your pathetic bullsh*t about this poor excuse for a human being whose idea of being a role model is lying in a Glasgow gutter drunk – my gawd, what a disgrace the lowlife is to scottish football!!

  • Yeh Kenny you signed for Rangers the season after they done the huddle at Celtic Park , I’m sure if you would’ve been on the park that day you would have taken no part in it , pass me the helium for goodness sake .

    • Excuse me … could you point out where in history Celtic established the right to be the only team in Scotland who are permitted to do a ‘huddle’.

      Many teams do this around the world long before Celtic, mate!

      Following your logic Celtic should be allowed to sing the Liverpool song they sing, should they!

      Get a life!

    • Well, the fact is – proved by video evidence is that Brown – a non catholic, blessed himself in front of the Rangers supporters with the singular intent of inciting them, goaded them, and did a GIRUY at them.

      Oh, James, he just oozes class, doesn’t he!
      Brown, the Celtic captain – quintessential trailer trash!

  • I don’t know if brown is a catholic or not , it’s not how I judge a person but it seems to interest you for some reason Baxter ,by your logic only Catholics are allowed to bless themselves.what a strange world you live in .was it you who complained to the police when the holy goalie blessed himself at Ibrox , by your logic that was okay if he was a catholic so surely not .

    • All religious acts should be banned on sports fields.

      If you want to bless yourself or pray to Allah – or any religious act, it can be done before you get out in the park.

      FIFA will ban it in the future.

      And players like Brown and Boruc, who do it to with the intention of inciting fan,s should get long suspensions.

  • Dearie me Baxter , fifa will not ban it , I have never been offended by someone’s spiritual beliefs and faith why would you ? live and live sad world you live in .

    • @Hel

      Religious acts have no place at a sporting events.

      BTW we’ve noticed you have conveniently avoided addressing the more pertinent issue under discussion – players like Brown who deliberately do such religious acts to incite fans, haven’t you, Hel!

      And we know why you avoided it, don’t we Hel!
      Because there’s no defence for such disgusting behaviour, is there, Hel!

      And those who do it, or those who condone Brown’s act, like yourself, have a one way ticket to … yup. you guessed it, Hell!
      Oh the sweet irony, eh, Hel!

  • Wow Baxter ,I’m sure there will be a large amount of colour and creeds in hell with you and your friends on the judgement panel , Haven’t seen any evidence of Scott Brown inciting “football fans “ with any religious gesture As I explained earlier I don’t believe a religious act could incite “football fans “,sorry thought you got that it could incite bigots and those of closed minds .which one do you and your associates belong,

  • Wow, Hel, I’m so sorry – didn’t realize you were a blind man!

    There’s such an abundance of video evidence out there with Brown doing his GIRUY and blessing himself right in front of the Rangers support after the game I assumed you had seen it like everyone else.

  • Scott Brown has really done a job on you Baxter boy,do you dream about him ?Answer the question Baxter boy which category do you come under? Are you Derek Johnstone in disguise ? Do you wish you had the talent and brains of Andy Halliday ? Take a chill pill and strap yourself in for ten in a row ,you know it’s coming.

    • I sincerely believe, based on the action and comments of Brown, Lennon and Griffiths over the years that all three are mentally challenged.
      Lennon is already on medication and from everything that’s been said about Griffiths it would come as no surprise if he is as well. Brown’s drunken state lying in the gutter and his behaviour guarantee he’s got serious psychological problems.

      And after reading your posts you clearly are in the same f*kked up tub as the other three.

      Four tims in a tub
      The lego muncher, the Lurgon Bigot, the Hel and the Thumb
      And all of them lost at sea.

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