Date: 4th May 2019 at 11:09pm
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Celtic fans are warming to the idea of appointing Neil Lennon on a permanent basis after he guided the club to an eighth successive league title earlier today.

Lennon was appointed until the end of the season in February after Brendan Rodgers left to join Leicester City.

Since then there has been almost constant speculation about who may get the job on a permanent basis, with many supporters preferring another candidate to the 47-year-old.

When reflecting on another Scottish Premiership title though, many massively respect the job he has done since coming into the club.

Picking up big wins against Rangers, Hearts, Aberdeen and others, Lennon has steadied the Celtic ship in stormy waters and deserves massive credit.

With a ‘treble treble’ bid now on the horizon in the Scottish Cup final at the end of the month, he has another chance to further solidify his management credentials.

These supporters are already convinced, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts today…


7 Replies to “‘No better candidate’ – Many Celtic fans have a clear preferred option when it comes to Hoops job”

  • So, surprise surprise you now find many fans supporting Lennon now.
    It was only that d*ckhead dolly’s braes that doesn’t like Lennon but that doesn’t matter coz braezy is just a bitter hurting hun t*at!!

  • “Hi honey I`am home”
    I still see you are still a sectarian bigot misterkentlie.
    Changing your name are we. The Undertaker what an apt name, still trying to dig yourself out of holes
    Give Dinosaur Lennon the job and Teflon Don non stick Brown is the mole, don`t need to bother about him much longer he is finished i will give him another 6 months and his legs will be gone and he will never see 9 in a row, big changes for you this summer total rebuild the Co-op to pay looks like to turmoil in fantasy land Glasgow Celtic Folklore club
    I see the mob are still chanting “dirty orange bast*rd” burying your head in the sand still “its no us its sectarian its them” aye right its right through every fabric of your society always was always will be

    • On my aching sides!
      Good old braezy doll, the best comedian ever to brace Celtic sites. I’m still trying to get my head round how Lawell can be begging the SFA to ask for an EXTRA six minutes to get a DRAW- surely he’d have been begging for six minutes LESs. But that’s breezy doll for you, so blinkered by his own fanaticism that he just texts without even thinking it actually makes sense.
      But it doesn’t matter now because after a fine 3 – 0 win the League is won again – yeah doll, draw my ass!!
      So Sevco won NOTHING yet again and braezy doll belongs to the WATP club where the WATP stands for WE Are Tropyless Pr*cks.
      So much for limping over the line braezy doll you stupid tw*t . This year Celtic are unbeaten – played 20 won 17 drawn 3 lost 0 scored 42 conceded 3 goal difference +39.
      Our current manager’s record out of that total is played 11 won 8 drawn 3 lost 0 scored 16 conceded 2 goal diff +14 – hardly LIMPING over any line. I hear that Lawell was heard to shout ” pieces of 8 in a row yesterday after yesterday’s result and the crowd could be heard chanting ” Arr Dolly bird ” when the third goal went in.
      Finaly, I AM the Undertaker, and YOU can “Rest In Peace” – the problem is that you NEVER do, do you braezy doll!!
      But you ARE right about one thing. These Celtic sites ARE your home because you desperately yearn to be a Celtic supporter AND because everyone needs a good laugh which you always provide!!

  • Dolly the cloned sheep everybody knows what happened to that, the same as what will happen to sevco Stevie g the lions den, icing on the cake this guy is sinking you lot so hopefully he will keep spending money your club don’t have and then head off back down the road with his tail between his legs is he that dense going to spend money he is possibly promised that Is not there what an outfit

  • Hahaha your hurting my feelings
    Sevco still sticking in your craw because all your propaganda greeting couldnae bury us, we are alive and going for 55
    While the Smeltic imposter accountants look into Rangers finances with your sinister agenda we will laugh in your faces, wasting your time, while we build a team and leave you in our wake
    Stevie G is here till he gets the Liverpool job
    We will see if Lawwell opens the buscuit tin I doubt it, you will stick to your business model, get into europe and sell players. Biggest asset Teirney, Sold to the highest bidder, Mcgreor and Forrest Sold to wee Brenda
    try and get rid of all the duds hehehe on big wages. Team rebuild Bhoys you are going to be in turmoil and I am going to enjoy your pain and your rage

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