Date: 26th February 2019 at 4:30pm
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Nobody at Celtic will be happy about the reportedly impending departure of Brendan Rodgers, who according to the BBC is set for a move to Leicester City. 

He’s been a fantastic manager for Celtic, and despite the fact that the Hoops are on the verge of a historic end to the season, he’s decided to leave us in the lurch.

Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t gone down well with many people, including former Celtic man Chris Sutton. The BT Sport pundit has reacted to the news, and he’s been brutally honest.

As per BT Sport, Sutton said: ‘Quite frankly, it stinks, the timing of it stinks. Going to a club who are playing for absolutely nothing.’

He added: ‘I am really disappointed and I think there are a lot of Celtic fans out there as well who will feel let down.’

Certainly, Rodgers has done brilliantly, and if he had left at the end of the season, it would be disappointing but you could understand it. However, to leave us in the middle of a tough campaign and with so much work still to do; some would say it’s unforgivable.

Sure, he’ll want to get a headstart on this new project, but at what cost to his reputation? We’re betting that his legacy at Celtic will be left in tatters as a result.

Clearly, Sutton is not happy at all, and his reaction is certainly reflective of the reaction that most Celtic fans likely had when waking up to the news this morning.