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Second Portuguese outlet makes Jota claim

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The Jota story was one that took Celtic twitter by storm yesterday.

And Celtic fan media.

With many fans getting excited about the latest ‘development‘ Jota to Celtic could, in the end, become a reality.

But just how credible was the source of the story? Many Celtic influencers questioned the validity of the source, a second Portuguese outlet went one step further.

A Bola made this claim, “Celtic have already made the intention to Benfica and have already started the negotiations of the contract with the player.”

Started the negotiations of the contract‘ is one step further than claiming that you intend to to let a club know your intentions.

In fact, that says to me that the offer has been accepted and it is now just a matter of agreeing terms.

Celts Are Here contributor Craig, poured cold water on the original article on twitter when he said, “So the report this morning from Portugal says they ‘expect’ Jota to stay at Celtic.

“I think they’re taking that from earlier reports and rehashing it slightly.

“I don’t think anything new has come out just yet and I can’t see a report that says Jota has made his decision.”

But it seems this new development could yet shed some light on the Jota story.

We will watch with interest.

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