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Two separate SFA statements, both singing exactly from the same pathetic and ‘sympathetic’ hymn sheet…

Two separate SFA statements, both singing exactly from the same pathetic and ‘sympathetic’ hymn sheet…

George Peat, SFA President’s statement on the SFA web site.

Stewart Regan, SFA Chief Executive’s statement on the SFA web site.<table width='170' height='110' border='0' align='right' bgcolor='#0B610B'

“This scenario is not helpful to the image or reputation of the game.” – Stewart Regan

My sides were positively aching reading that remark!

I’ll concentrate on the one made by Stewart Regan…

“I have every sympathy for the refereeing fraternity at this time and completely understand why incessant scrutiny, criticism and questioning of their integrity has brought them to the brink of a withdrawal of labour.”

“…This scenario is not helpful to the image or reputation of the game.”

My sides were positively aching reading that remark!

Regan then goes on to say; “I am in discussions with the Scottish Senior Football Referees` Association and share their view that recent public comments have not been helpful. I have been astonished by the unhealthy level of interest in elements of football in this country that ought to be peripheral.”

Regan continues with the hymn; “I have made a commitment to reviewing certain aspects of the Scottish FA`s internal operations and have been trying to finalise initiatives I believe can help improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the governing body. I need space and support to finalise these proposals and have already received Board approval in this regard.”

The comedy hymn concludes with;“The raft of ongoing issues played out in the media will only delay this process and I believe there is a responsibility on all of us to try to move forward and create a more positive climate. In the meantime, I reiterate my support to the referees in this country, who provide a fantastic service in very difficult – and now seemingly impossible – circumstances.”

To me, all this translates to little more than;

‘Gonnae please stop exposing us – the light is far too bright!’

‘We like to work in the dark and in complete and utter secrecy.’

‘Some of the office bearers in here haven’t seen the light of day since the late ’60’s – when that blinding light from Lisbon convinced them that complete darkness was their only protection.’

‘You should see our expenses claims for something called; sun-factor 1690 cream!’

‘Yes, I have promised to crack the door open, just a little, and let some sunlight in but, only if it’s in the correct colour spectrum and, more importantly, that we still be allowed to work in absolute secrecy!’

‘Now, would all you bringers-of-the-light kindly turn them out and leave us alone’. ‘Please stop pickin’ on us!’

‘And, please, please, please, gonnae stop telling and exposing the truth!’ *sob*

No chance, Mr Regan. You, as I suspected from the beginning, have quickly become a new part of the same old problem. The handle on your, once pristine and impartial, new broom, has now become terminally infested by a particularly rancid strain of SFA woodworm.

Your public backing of ‘liar,liar’ Dougie McDonald over the Tannadice-lie. Your public backing of Hugh Dallas over the Tannadice-lie cover-up. And then your subsequent non-statement over the Hugh Dallas (and others) sectarian email scandal, is nothing short of a scandal in and of itself. No-one forced you to make any of these choices.

Instead of trying to tell others how to behave and conduct themselves – and which subjects they are allowed to comment on – it is you who should be looking at your own conduct and reflecting upon your complete mishandling of every situation that has landed on your desk since you took office.

Your ‘impartial Englishman’ act would bomb at the Comedy Fringe. Because it’s not big, it’s not clever and it is certainly not funny. Throw-in smug and downright unprofessional when asked to agree to an independent investigation and, well, we just about have the measure of you, Mr Regan.

When are you finally going to put a stop to, or else produce evidence of, all these alleged death threats we keep hearing so much about? Either put up or shut up Mr Regan. Why have these ‘poor ref’s’ only now decided that they have fears over their safety? Why not last week, last month, last year? No, these ref’s have cynically thrown their ‘fears’ in purely for the sympathy vote. And, if these ref’s can’t produce any evidence(real evidence, not innuendo)then they are nothing other than more liars under the auspices of your association, and should be sacked as McDonald should have been!

Speaking of sacking’s, when is this infamous ‘SFA insider’, ‘SFA source’, ‘Senior SFA Figure’, ‘SFA mole’ (rat more like) going to get the sack for his relentless and unceasing efforts, at every turn, to try and tarnish the good name of Celtic and it’s supporters!?

If you cant find this guys footprints then I suggest that you, along with your ref’s, visit the nearest branch of Specsavers. ASAP

Once your eyesight has been corrected, perhaps you might care to cast your 20/20 vision over These Questions.

PS. *remove pin and throw* How many referees received and forwarded that email?

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