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“Shame on you” – Celtic fans rage at treatment of 20 year old at Paradise

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I can see both sides of the argument.

The argument of you shouldn’t boo players that used to play for the club but then return with their new club? I can see why fans do it, and I can see why fans have an issue with it.

Me personally? It’s all relative. For example, the time when Henrik Larsson returned to Paradise and got booed I thought was bang out of order. That was the one and only time I have had an issue with it. He is a legend. End of.

In fact, when Fergus McCann was booed I wasn’t impressed with that either but he wasn’t a player. But the point still stands right? Iconic figures at the club should never booed by the fans. Ever.

But then we have the curious case of Jeremie Frimpong. Arrived at the club for what? One season? Played 36 games, great at going forward, suspect (at Celtic) in defence but brought enthusiasm and energy. That’s it. That’s all he brought to the club.

And then he was booed. And then he was roundly defended by some quarters for being booed and then the fans turn on each other for doing it.

It’s strange.

I didn’t have an issue with it.

He was only there for a year.

But then a lot of fans remember this when we were losing the ten and it looked like the players had downed tools, “I think in football, obviously Celtic in previous years they always win. But there was always going to be a point where they can’t win everything. So there was always going to have to be a time where they have to lose.

“So the criticism Neil Lennon was getting was a bit over the top, because in football, it’s normal.

“I feel like at Celtic, the fans they were so used to winning that when they started going down they didn’t know how to feel about it, but it’s normal to feel like that.”

So did I have an issue with Frimpong being booed?

Not one bit. It’s called rivalry.

He’s on the opposing team trying to find a way for us to lose. Ultimately he’s against Celtic.

But these Celtic fans did have an issue on twitter and some were very irate:

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