Date: 11th March 2021 at 8:25pm
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It’s another “eye roll” moment. Whenever the topic of Scottish football comes up on England’s Talksport radio it is either derisory nonsense that is spoken or derogatory comments about the standard of football north of the border. It is par for the course for that radio station and the main reason I stopped listening to it years ago.

The presenters and pundits lack of knowledge of the Scottish game is laughable and while they play up to the galleries to gain a laugh or two,  they continually embarrass themselves trying to denigrate our game whilst having not a single clue about our players, their achievements or even the position they play in.

Take, Adrian Durham and his Talksport Drive show.  Not only does he know nothing about the game in Scotland, he regularly gets his facts wrong and here we have some excellent examples of his absurd opinions. Cited by The Daily Record, the Talksport host’s rantings really  are something to behold as he absolutely slated the whole Celtic team for this seasons performances.

Durham, likened Shane Duffy’s performances to a “comedy show” and said of the big Irish defender, “They thought he’d be the long-awaited replacement for Virgil van Dijk, he’s played more like Dick van Dyke. Absolutely useless.” Forgetting that Duffy had just been a victim of online abuse where the death of his father had been mocked, Durham’s judgement on this comment is questionable at least and ignorant at most.

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The calamitous comments continued where he referred to Diego Laxalt as the “big signing from AC Milan” and claimed he was “hardly Nesta”, which at least is true. Nobody at Celtic or the supporters referred to him as that and considering Laxalt is a full back and Nesta was a world class centre half Durham just humiliated himself again.

But the crème de la crème was his last comment on Celtic captain Scott Brown. It really was a classic foot in mouth moment for the presenter where he claimed, “Scott Brown? Oh, please. You know that phrase ‘captain, leader, legend’? None of that applies to Scott Brown. Another one treated like a legend whose Celtic career will be remembered for beers by the pool in Dubai while Rangers ran away with it.

“He was only good when Rangers weren’t around.”

“Only good when Rangers weren’t around.” Unbelievable comment considering Brown captained Celtic to a Quadruple Treble with Rangers in the Scottish Premiership.  Durham should just do what he does best. Continue as an EPL fanboy and leave the real football to people that value trophies and medals above a top four finish and lifting their skirts for Sky’s TV money.

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