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“The evidence is there” – Vince Rugari hails Celtic support and gives exciting Postecoglou prediction

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It certainly has been a rollercoaster these last few months being a Celtic supporter.

Being teased with Postecoglou’s Jekyll & Hyde brand of football, destroying teams one minute to struggling the next, can be extremely frustrating.

But according to Australian journalist Vince Rugari, this is exactly where the team should be at the moment.

Speaking to Hamish Carton on 67 Hail Hail, Rugari, who is an expert on Australian football and has followed Ange Postecoglou’s career for years, gave a cheeky retort to the Celtic fans and an exciting glimpse of what is yet to come, “I’d imagine hearing Aussie’s like me tell you guys, ‘I told you so’, must be at some level infuriating.

“But it’s turned out kind of exactly as we thought it would. I didn’t think people would jump on board with him as quickly as they did.

“There was obviously that initial period, when there was a couple of six nils, and some other good results at home and some good football.

“I think everyone was starting to realise, ‘Okay, this guy actually might have an idea about football and how to coach a team.

“And then there’s come the natural dip in the roller coaster. And hopefully we’re past that period with the win at Aberdeen which wasn’t pretty but it was a win and that’s what was needed.

“It’s just all par for the course in the first period of Ange Postecoglou coaching a football team. It’s tough. It’s going to take some adjustment to get used to the style of football, the demands of this football.

“The players on an individual level to adjust their own games to fit into this system.

“And then, the fans as well to put aside that thing in your brain that makes you think that Celtic is one of the biggest clubs in the world and should be winning every game all the time, no questions asked.

“You’ve just got to park that for this period and and just wait until the team settles in here.

“And for me there’s very clear evidence that the team is building something. You can see it in the way they play, if not always the results, you can see in some of the stats that they’re out in performances.

“The evidence is there, it’s just a matter of just just sucking up this initial period, and waiting for the for the inevitable moment where it clicks in the team and when that happens then it’s a lot of fun after that.”

Ever since Ange signed for Celtic, I have kept a close eye on Australian/Japanese journalists following Postecoglou’s Celtic and have, in fact, written many times, that the team is exactly where it should be in terms of the rebuild.

And every single journalist has said to be patient. It will come. And I for one cannot wait.

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