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The Postecoglou/Strachan rumour ridiculed and debunked on live radio with a simple text

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You’ve all seen the rumour right? A tweet going around on Tuesday night from some random twitter account talking about some random WhatsApp message sent to some random guy?

And then this random rumour was given credence by another Celtic blogger which then gave the rumour some more legs less than 48 hours before an important Europa League match where the team was already up against it? That rumour?

Yeah so did I and I body swerved it because if I wrote about everything I saw on Twitter, without doing proper research, then I would never be off the laptop writing all sorts of speculative nonsense.

Well this “rumour” actually made it onto a national radio station just two hours before the kick off last night and it was, rightly, ridiculed for the absurdity of it.

A Celtic fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to ask the panel if they had heard anything about what he called a “mad rumour“, “Just a mad rumour. A mad rumour going about that Ange is away in the morning and Strachan is coming in as temporary manager. Have you guys had heard anything about that mad rumour?”

Host Gordon Duncan fielded this question and revealed that he text the person who’s name was on the rumour, “You’ve called it a mad rumour and I’ve seen the same WhatsApp screenshot that you’ve seen.

“It says, ‘Don’t shoot the messenger but Ange is away on Friday and Strachan is taking over’.

“Funnily enough the name on the WhatsApp is Stephen McGinn and I sent it to him and he was like, ‘Aye, very good. At least 15 people have sent me that already.

“I assume that’s where it’s coming from.  By the way you can play this back. See tomorrow when Ange is at the departure lounge at Glasgow airport…..

“That’s my long and short answer to saying no, I haven’t heard anything.”

Both pundits Mark Wilson and Gordon Dalziel couldn’t contain their laughter at such an outlandish and easily debunked hearsay.

The fact it got this far and undermined the manager before the biggest game of the season is as disconcerting as those Celtic fans that shared it.

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