Date: 11th January 2021 at 10:11pm
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Another game another defensive blunder costing Celtic three points and the chance to pull back the deficit at the top of the table.  The story of our season continues as the glaring deficiencies at the back were exposed once again by a Hibs team on a poor run of form.

Too many times now we simply cannot defend set pieces and how many times are we going to sit and watch this amateurish defending.  Yes, I acknowledge that we had a second string, no scratch that, a THIRD string team, but for professional footballers making the same simple basic errors time and again, serious questions needs to be asked of either the instructions being given or if the players actually talk to each other on the park.

From the needless free kick conceded by Deigo Laxalt when he should have simply ushered the player away, to the lack of marking at the cross.  The goalkeeper, Conor Hazard, again flapping at ball inside his six yard box, which was a carbon copy of the goal conceded in the Scottish Cup Final, to failing to deal with the second ball as it dropped to the striker for an easy finish.  And why on why, where there three players sitting at the goalmouth instead of either marking their man or charging the ball down to block the shot??

Tom Boyd is correct. The fear is real and it is being used by our opponents time and time again.  There is a lack of steel in the defence and Lennon had better use this window to put it right to build for next season as, for me, this league title is done.