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“There’s also whispers” – Respected journalist reveals top level disharmony at Paradise

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As the more time moves on, we are likely to find more revelations about the goings on behind the scenes at Celtic Park and the real reasons behind the departure of former Chief Executive, Dominic McKay.

As we all know, ‘personal reasons’ were cited by both McKay and the Celtic board as the official party line but it seems there was trouble behind the scenes at Paradise.

Speaking to The Only As Good As Your Last Game podcast, Times reporter, Michael Grant, gave further insight to the background of McKay;s departure from Parkhead, “So a lot of uncertainty about what’s behind it. It was explained as being personal reasons.

“Perhaps it is personal reasons, but there’s also whispers about tension between him [McKay] and other board members, him and Dermot Desmond, pulling in different directions.

“And it is easy to believe that that could be the case.

“I mean of course what you’re seeing now is you’re seeing some kind of criticism of Dominic McKay and people said, ‘Oh well, he wasn’t the right man. He wasn’t cut out for the job. He’s coming from a rugby background.’

“Now all of that may be true.  But then you would also say who was the board that appointed him?

“They obviously had a long time to think about who would come into replace Peter Lawwell, and you have to say, it hasn’t worked.

“They’ve not picked wisely because here we are, two or three months down the line, and now they’re going to have to start again and look for another Chief Exec.”

For a man that is labelled the absentee landlord, it is incredible that after only 72 days, he has had enough time to make a decision on McKay’s performance to wield the axe so quickly.

Or was he being fed information from a close, and supposedly retired, ally from within? If so, it seems that McKay was always going to be on a hiding to nothing.

I’ll let you decide.

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