Date: 24th May 2018 at 4:00pm
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Celtic’s Kieran Tierney has said it might take until he has retired from football for what he’s achieved with the club to truly sink in.

KT’s retirement, of course, is not going to be for a good while yet and I’m confident we’ve got plenty years left of seeing him in the famous green and white.

Certainly, though, he’s already won more than what some do in a whole career and whilst plenty more surely beckons, he’s already thinking things are going to take a while to comprehend.

As quoted by the club’s official Twitter account, he said:

The Verdict

Clearly, as if we didn’t already know, KT knows exactly what he has achieved is monumental especially when he’s doing it for a club as big as ours.

For such a young kid he’s been a giant in the last couple of years and by the time he does get to retiring he’s going to have a fair few more trophies and medals to have to put somewhere.

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