Tom English wades into the Sutton and Lennon Ibrox bans

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Just when you think the media channels of our rivals across the Clyde couldn’t stoop any lower, they go and prove me all wrong. Or is it right?

There’s that much going on with them it hard to keep up.

There is  a serious lack of professionalism in the official media partners of Rangers and how the club cannot see this and are happy to be aligned with it, escapes me.

Last night we all saw the circus when former Celtic players Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton where denied entry into Ibrox to cover the Europa League punditry for BT Sport.

Chris Sutton tweeted that the Rangers CEO claimed the two pundits were a ‘security risk’.

A security risk to who?

Or was the CEO of the second largest club actually saying that the security at the club is poor or that they are at risk because they can’t guarantee their safety from the Rangers fans?

Either way, this is a massive PR disaster for the Ibrox club.

However, this morning BBC pundit and journalist, Tom English, quote tweeted Mark Dingwall from another of Rangers media partners, Follow Follow, where Dingwall said, “BT were told in March 2020 not to bring Sutton back.

“Lennon is the most divisive figure in Scottish society over the last 20 years and his behaviour on a number of accounts has been reprehensible and the club would not want such a person on the premises.”

Such an outrageous slur considering Lennon has been physically assaulted, sent bullets in the post and death threats from the Ibrox support over the last 20 years.

And then you have the infamous Heart & Hand podcast who’s own conduct over Twitter should be a major source of embarrassment to the Govan club when they replied to Sutton’s tweet with this:

And if you look at their public abuse of Michael Stewart, Heart and Hand really have left a skid mark across Twitter over the last two days.

Why are the club not taking action to distance themselves from these childish and unprofessional outifits?

Imagine if Celtic had two official media platforms behaving in this manner. Not worth thinking about right?

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