Was Chris Sutton right to call out Bobby Madden and Kris Boyd?

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Disappointment is temporary so they say. And that is true.

When you look at Celtic over the course of the last two decades, we have totally dominated Scottish football.

From 2000-2020 we have collected SIXTEEN titles, TEN Scottish Cups and NINE league cups.

An outstanding trophy haul that has never been matched before. Even in the pre liquidation Rangers days, Celtic have always been the dominant force in Scottish football.

So the point is, whilst yesterday was bitterly disappointing, the bigger picture will show at the end of the season that Celtic’s class will always shine.

And class is something that, sadly, lacks with BT pundit Kris Boyd.

Awfully quiet after the last two Glasgow Derby defeats, Boyd responded to Bobby Maddens Instagram post wishing people a Happy Easter in what was clearly an attempt to wind up the Celtic supporters and Sutton called it out with a simple tweet:

No words required, but was it really necessary?

Celtic lost the game because of their own performance, not the ref.

Granted, Bobby Madden had an absolute shocker, but these types of things, especially when it involves Boyd, should be ignored.

We have bigger fish to fry this coming weekend in what could be a monumental step towards the title.

Leave the bitterness to our rivals.

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  • David Tolmie says:

    Var no chance while Madden Beaton Robertson and Dallas are current spend the money on Foreign Officials

  • Frankie says:

    A lot of our players did not turn up yesterday and yet it took a og to get them to final plus brother boaby what an embarrassing man to ref a football game, the jewel in the crown winning the league.

  • Jim Carney says:

    When is Celtic fc Gonna call them out for what they are and complain about a referee that used to go to the rangers games and is now taking charge of one of the biggest derbies in world football.. of course there’s gonna be a bias and I can’t believe this guy is allowed to ref any rangers games due to his friends and family being in the rangers end, he’s only gonna take 1 side #RSFA CORRUPT

  • Bobby says:

    Totally understand Suttons statement someone has to counter act these people watched BBC Sunday night to get insight to outrageous tackles and ref decisions unfortunately not one was talked about.

  • William Kimmet says:

    Bobby Madden has come out and said he is a rangers fan and the scottish fa put him in charge of a big game like that I for one are going to report him to the scottish fa about him been a rangers fan and he was aloud to referee that game

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