Date: 27th May 2021 at 8:37pm
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Nothing surprises me about Talksport when it comes to talking Scottish football. For a ‘national broadcaster’ they have a serious unhealthy obsession of putting Scottish football down whenever they get the slightest opportunity. Not that it matters but their knowledge of the Scottish game is as poor as their quality of broadcasting. Their sole purpose is shock jock. That’s it.

You see, I wouldn’t mind if they knocked the Scottish game if their radio hosts and pundits had GENUINE knowledge of the Scottish game. Take Adrian Durham for example. In his Scottish Premier Team of the Decade, not season, DECADE, he picked Andy Robertson as LB even though at that time he had only starred in one full season for Dundee United, conveniently overlooking Kieran Tierney who was part of the most decorated Celtic team of that decade. But we all know why he picked Robertson.

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He also picked Rangers midfielder Ryan Kent in his EPL Team of the Year so we can all just agree that their knowledge on anything Scottish, never mind football is as miniscule at best.

Next up is the stalwart of Scottish football knowledge, Simon Jordan. Jordan had a bizarre rant about Celtic’s wait to announce Eddie Howe and tried to belittle the popular English coach’s credentials by weirdly trying to compare him to Zidane. Not so long ago Howe was being touted as a future England manager, but hey, what do I know.

On Talksport, Jordan went on, “I still can’t work out what’s the issue with Eddie Howe.

“I mean it has been taking a long time, we’re not getting somebody of the highest calibre, are we?

“We’re not trying to get Zidane to come and join Celtic with the greatest respect. We are trying to get Eddie Howe, we’re hearing all kinds of manner of things.

“Celtic fans will have a view because, ultimately, if they had won the league this year and fired Neil Lennon and still hadn’t got a manager they wouldn’t be saying ‘we’re not going to renew our season tickets’ because we haven’t got a manager we would be say ‘we’re excited to see what you’re going to be doing’.”

One of the many reasons I don’t tune into this station is their sheer ignorance of our game. But when you cover a league that celebrates fourth place mediocrity as an achievement, what do you expect?

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